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  1. SierraTheChicken

    Cockerel Attacking Me

    I have a cockerel that is about 10 months old who is aggressive toward me. He usually acts this way only in the morning, but sometimes later. Before this he didn't show any sign of aggression to me. He jumps out of the coop, and charges at me. (Then he hardly pecks me) Is this just hormones? Can...
  2. SierraTheChicken

    Is There Any Way to Stop a Rooster from Crowing?

    I have a 7 month old rooster that crows 24/7. I don't want to put a rooster collar on him because he absolutely hates it. Is there any other way to get him to stop?
  3. SierraTheChicken

    New Member; Hello!!

    I have just joined BYC, hello to everybody!
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