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    My 6 months rooster wont stand up at all!

    Greystone is a 6 months old rooster of a shamo breed. He was alright 5-6 days back when he started limping and when we checked his claws, we found that he had little wounds on plantar surface so we thought may be he has developed bumble foot and started treating it accordingly but now its been...
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    Baby chick Bending neck to one side

    This chick was fine 1 and a half hour before but then it suddenly started bending its neck to one side with eyes closed and I cant figure out what has happened or if it will survive or should I cull it or not. And I made its video but apparently you cant post it here so please if anyone know...
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    White droppings while on treatment of bumble foot.

    My 1.5 years old ISA brown developed swelling on plantar surface of left claw 1.5 months back. I tried soaking her foot in luke warm salt water but the it wasnt going away so 9 days back I took her to vet,he gave me powder named *Tylodox* and one small bottle of fluid named *multi-vitamin* and...
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    Green Droppings

    My 3.5 months old chick's poop is green (pics attached) and it has been pooping like this since 2 hours and the amount of dropping is 5. Is it emergency situation?
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    Firm Swelling on the plantar surface of left claw

    3 weeks back my 1.5 year old ISA brown chicken developed swelling on the plantar surface of its left claw. At first she used to limp occasionally and as we couldnt locate any injury or source of swelling we thought it might go on its own but now its been 3rd day that she cant walk without...
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    Sour/impacted croup with tapeworm infestation

    My 3 months old baby girl *Tweety* stopped eating three evenings back and in the next morning when checked her crop felt squishy and full of air plus she started pooping runny creamy droppings, I tried emptying her crop but it wont vomit so I gave her ACV water (twice in 3-4 hrs) and then I gave...
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