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  1. peahenry

    Our trio!

    Here is out beautiful trio! I think the grid in the background is 2x4inches. Rooster is about 20 inches tall!! Ladies are not laying eggs yet. Can't wait to hatch their chicks!!!
  2. peahenry

    Chicken illness

    We are seeing chickens with oozing right eyes and some wet bills from nasal mucous. The birds are losing weight and dying at the rate of one or more daily. They have been treated with antibiotics tetracycline and a dewormer. Any clues as to what this may be? We are checking on costs for autopsy...
  3. peahenry

    How deep to make the hay???

    I have been learning from your posts but I have a problem due to the number of birds in our coop. There are probably 100 - 110 chickens of several varieties, turkeys, 10 Guineas and cornish and I find that it takes 3 days for fresh hay to be completely covered with a wet layer of droppings...
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