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  1. chickiepie

    Help Please. Chicken has issues

    I just went to let out my hens for the morning. One of them was sitting there with her head flopped waaaaay back, face pointed up. I went to pick her up and she is just flopping around with no balance. I don't know if she can use her legs even. I moved her away from the other chickens, but I am...
  2. chickiepie

    Wrong type of feed?

    I have eight week old chickens. I went to pick up a bag of feed (at a new place) and told them I needed grower. He seemed confused, but then said he had what I needed. When I got home, I see that I got LAYER. Isn't it way too early for them to be on layer? I am no expert but I am pretty sure...
  3. chickiepie

    Educated Guesses please! (Possible BR Roo)

    Here are my two barred rocks. They are both 7-8 weeks old. The one on the left is lighter (although not nearly as light as some others I have seen on here). Its ears and beak area are much more red than the other. Also, its legs are darker. They are both **supposed** to be pullets. What do you...
  4. chickiepie

    Barred Rocks/Varied Color?**Pics Added*** Is it a roo?

    I have two barred rocks, both about 5 weeks old. Of my five chicks, they are the most timid. One of them has more black leg markings, and black coloring on her beak. I also think her beak is ever-so-slightly more orange than the other one. I feel like I am being paranoid, but I sure don't want...
  5. chickiepie

    Easiest Age to introduce new chicks?

    I currently have 5 chicks, about 5 weeks old. I am really wishing I had bought a few more. Assuming I would be able to find more pullets to buy, (which might be kind of tricky around here) and I found ones of similar age, would they be easier to introduce to each other than older chickens?
  6. chickiepie

    Need suggestions for chicks who are tearing up everything in sight!

    My five chicks are about a month old. I recently moved them up to a bigger brooder and they seem happier. However, the last several days they have been driving me nuts! The cage has a wire floor with a tray underneath. Over the wire floor, I lay newspaper and a couple inches of shavings. They...
  7. chickiepie

    Question about movable coops/predators

    We are currently trying to figure out how to build a run/coop for our hens. The plan is to make the coop area inside our shed, with a run outside. As I look at all these mobile-type coops, I am realizing that due to their movable nature there is no buried wire or anything to keep predators from...
  8. chickiepie

    Question about flooring in brooder?

    I just went 'curb shopping' as they call it and found someone throwing out a pretty good sized cage (hamsters? rabbits?). Since my chicks are quickly outgrowing their current digs I would like to use this for them, after giving it a good scrubbing. Here's the question...the bottom of the cage is...
  9. chickiepie

    Barred Rocks taking longer to feather?

    I have 5 chicks, two of which are barred rocks. The others are an EE, RIR and a Delaware. We were told the EE is a week older than the rest, and you can tell. Its huge and has a ton of feathers. While all the chicks are growing and feathering, the barred rocks have considerably less feathers...
  10. chickiepie

    Enclosed Run: How high should it be?

    We are just starting out and planning to build an enclosed run adjoining the coop. My question is, how high should it be? Some of the smaller chicken tractor type coops seem so cramped. However, do they really need a run that's 7-8' high? I would like for them to have ample space, but without...
  11. chickiepie

    Americana is a bigger?

    I just got chicks yesterday (first time). Good news is, they are still alive! Woo! My question is, the Americana is bigger than the others and has already a decent amount of little feathers on her wings. Is that breed bigger, or did I get a chick that's already a little bit older? I guess it...
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