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  1. aaronzclark

    My goat just had her baby.....Now what

    So my pygmy had her baby at 8:30 yesterday morning i put um in a kidding pen with food and water but i have never done anything like this before so like what do i do now? like when does the baby get her first shots? when do i let them out of the kidding pen to the field? also how old are they...
  2. aaronzclark

    Anyone with lovebird parrots or quaker parrots

    So I have had parakeets off and on for years now and i decided i want to get a bigger bird (parrot like) so i'm having a hard time deciding between lovebird and quaker parrot anyone have any of these ? could you give me some info? which has a worse bite? and also pics. Thanks. BTW i have a...
  3. aaronzclark

    Let's see them goats

    Post pics of your goats and herds, any breed, any age, also post pics of your setups, pens, pastures, Whatever
  4. aaronzclark

    Can I Still Band Him Being So "Big"

    So i have a pygmy herd of 5 (3 does 1 buck and 1 wether) my buck was listed pygmy in the paper so i went to pick him up and the woman had like 3 in a very small nasty muddy dog pen so i took him to save him (he was like 4 days old at the time i bottle fed him) he is the nicest little feller ever...
  5. aaronzclark

    I think my new doe is pregnant

    So yesterday i added my 5th pygmy doe she is 1 year old and the reason i picked her is because the breeder (the guy i get all my pygmies from) said he is almost 100% positive she is pregnant i also think she is her belly is pretty big and her milk sac seems to be getting large does it sound like...
  6. aaronzclark

    Ideal poultry

    Okay so I bought 25 chicks from cackle and they are about 3-4 months old and for some reason they are dropping like flies so i only have about 14 left so i decided i'm gonna order me a few more from Ideal i was gonna get me 10 brahmas and 5 aracuanas but i also decided i want about 5 ducks do...
  7. aaronzclark

    Show Me Your Goat Setups

    Post pics of your goat chicken duck etc setups and free range yards
  8. aaronzclark

    How do I know if she is Pregenant

    Well I have a 9 month old pygmy doe and a 9 month old pygmy buck and he has been riding her for a while but I can't tell if she is preggo or not she does have a belly but it is not one of those the look like they are gonna pop. She does lay around a lot but she can be just as playful at the same...
  9. aaronzclark

    Will they have horns?

    So my buck was hornless from birth and my doe has horns does this mean my buck will give hornless babies
  10. aaronzclark

    Goat trouble UPDATE'

    So i have 4 pygmy goats the two big ones are just fine but my two babies i bought have had the scours off and on for about 3 weeks it won't go away they eat alot of grass and a little bit of grain but besides that the only bush is pompas grass and i have not seen them mess with it so what could...
  11. aaronzclark

    Goat thread

    I know people has done this many times before but why not do it again post pics of your goats any ages any breeds
  12. aaronzclark

    Should I take them?

    So in my paper a lady is giving away FREE! 1 nubian buck 1 lamacha doe 2 nubian doe's and 2 nubian doeling's should I get them?
  13. aaronzclark

    Are muscovie ducks nice?

    So in my paper I found muscovie duckling $3 a piece are muscovies friendly can you post pics as well
  14. aaronzclark

    What are the largest breeds?

    So me and my dad love the HUGE! breeds like light brahmas cochins and jersey giants whats some other big breeds we just have a thing for huge chickens it seems the bigger the tamer
  15. aaronzclark

    What does a full grown african pygmy goat look like pics plz

    I have 4 pygmy goats 2, 2 month old's and 2, 7 month old's here is a pic of my 7 month old buck and doe is this as big as they will get? will my buck grow a beard and long hair? if not what does a full grown look like pics please Here is a few pics. sorry they both are not good but gives you...
  16. aaronzclark

    Finally Done

    I finally got my barnyard up I am enjoying it so much the chickens, ducks, and goats LOOOOVVE it! I will post pics later
  17. aaronzclark

    Funny Story!

    LOL I was at my cousins house for a party and we was standing on her boat dock talking and heard this weird noise about 5 secs later two mallard ducks racing thru the air (drake and hen) flew almost right into us I fell off the dock into the water because I had to dunk real fast so when I did I...
  18. aaronzclark

    WANTED chickens age 1 week to 3 months

    I am looking to add to my flock (hens) I will take any breed but I like barred rocks brahmas, cochins, silkies, polish, etc. Also looking for some bantams (hens) for a cheap price around greenville SC area
  19. aaronzclark

    Who Would Prefer a Goat

    Hi! So I don't know if it is just me or what but I would prefer my pygmy goats over my dogs they are just more fun too me lol who else would prefer their goats over their dogs?
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