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  1. Khalpers

    Any have an OverEZ coop?

    Hi! Has anyone had an OverEZ coop? They're Amish built and sold at Tractor Supply. They look extremely sturdy and have excellent reviews (rare for pre-fab!), but I haven't had much luck with pre-fab coops in the past. We had some storm damage on our current coop, which we planned to replace in...
  2. Khalpers

    For fans of Game of Thrones

    Thought some fellow GoT fans would appreciate this self-portrait. ;)
  3. Khalpers

    Broken shell in vent, vet visit, antibiotics, etc.

    This morning, there was a shell-less (and rather scrambled) egg under the roost. I figured out the culprit was my Ameraucauna, Henrietta, pretty quickly because she had a piece of egg stuck to her vent. She's two years old, a reliable egg layer, very docile good girl. I got her in a shallow tub...
  4. Khalpers

    I miss my bird feeders

    I haven’t been filling my bird feeders the past few months because I didn’t like the chickens vacuuming up seeds that fall below. It’s been pretty wet here in Middle Tennessee, and I thought it best to avoid them possibly eating moldy seeds. But I miss having the feeders full. Has anyone worked...
  5. Khalpers

    Should I adopt this bantam?

    Hi! I'm looking for advice today. Last Thursday, a chicken was running amuck downtown in Nashville, where I work. I live in a more residential part of the city, and I have a small backyard flock of five. Animal Control caught the chicken after lots of drama (including her flying a half block...
  6. Khalpers

    Bird I.D.

    Hi! Can someone please identify this breed for me? She was found in my city's urban core scampering around. Animal Control has her now, and they said I can file for adoption on Monday if I want. I have a lot to consider before then, but I'm curious. She has such big, pretty tail feathers.
  7. Khalpers

    Hen lethargic, not eating but drinking

    Hello. Looking for advice about my Barred Rock. She’s about 1 1/2 years old and just went through a molt that seems to be wrapping up. She’s drinking a lot but refused meal worms and sunflower seeds—which she usually loves. She was walking slowly around the yard and eating a bit of grass and...
  8. Khalpers

    Chicken ID: Dominique or Cuckoo Maran?

    I'm trying to ID two of my hens. I adopted them from a friend who bought them as chicks from an online hatchery as Dominiques. However, they have single combs and lay medium-dark brown eggs. Another chicken from the same hatchery is a Barred Rock with a rose comb (very clear black and white bars...
  9. Khalpers

    Picked on issue?

    I inherited 6 chickens and a coop from friends who were moving out of town. They have 12 sq. feet of indoor coop space with a screened in downstairs (24.5 sq ft) they can access at night, which includes another roost that they sometimes use. (We have a welded wire apron to protect them diggers.)...
  10. Khalpers

    Nashville Chicken Mama

    I'm a new chicken mama from Nashville, Tennessee. My partner and I inherited a small flock of six hens and their coop from friends who were moving out of state. We have an Americauna named Henrietta, a Golden Laced Wyandotte named Ms. Jacksobn, two Barred Rocks named Rosie and Void Chicken (one...
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