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  1. ArizonaNessa

    Inflated chicken

    I have a little chicken. Nevermind how I got the chicken but I have it. Its a few weeks old and it was given to me to cull. I had meds so I wanted to try to save it. It's eating great, drinking great, pooping great, crop is great. One side of its body is inflated with air just under the skin. I...
  2. ArizonaNessa

    I did it! Come be happy with me.

    Well I have not had a cigarette since 2pm May 14, 2010 I am so happy. I made it through the worst part I never thought I would really quit but I did. I just wanted to share it with everyone
  3. ArizonaNessa

    Can you tell me what this little bantam might be?

    I have had this girl for a few years. She is a feisty one for sure especially when she's broody. My husband named her Tweed but then last year when she went broody my little boy renamed her Cranky Chicken. She is my only bantam and gets along great with all my other LF girls and my faux...
  4. ArizonaNessa

    Debi told me to

    Debi is trying to help me get my avatar changed and told me to post something in random ramblings. So here I am. A real friend knows you are a good egg even if you are a little cracked! Edit: YAY! Debi you are a godsend!
  5. ArizonaNessa

    Solar Chicken? *Pics on post #13*

    I know this is going to sound weird as can be but I really want to help my bird so please bear with me. I have an EE from Cackle hatchery. She was one of 100 that I ordered. She is very different. ALL her feathers look like the curly feathers on a sebastapol(sp?) goose. She has the bluest...
  6. ArizonaNessa

    Search feature question

    How come no matter what I type into the search feature in the blue menu it says "no hits for search" I have typed in various things even things that I know should result in hundreds of results and it tells me there are no hits for my search. Heck I even typed in "chicken" and it says "Your...
  7. ArizonaNessa

    Vet suggestion for non-invasive bumblefoot cure

    A close friend of mine has been having horrible problems with her flock getting bumblefoot. I sent her many links and pictures from this forum to help her and had extensive conversations with her numerous times about preventing it and how to actually do the "surgery" for it. Unfortunately she...
  8. ArizonaNessa

    A math question I need help with

    I was playing a game and to open a chest I needed to answer this question. Can anyone figure it out and explain how you got the answer? Question: There is a farm with chickens and horses. There are 120 heads and 314 legs. How many chickens are on the farm?
  9. ArizonaNessa

    Leftover Cookie Bars

    I am going to assume that I am not the only person that this happens to after the holiday treats are made. I always get stuck with a 1/4 cup of this and a half a cup of that after making fudge and cookies and such. So it got me to thinking what in the world can I do with all these small...
  10. ArizonaNessa

    I stuffed my turkeys for Thanksgiving..Sorta

    I just wanted to share this with you all. I have been getting quite creative with my treats for my turkeys lately. The other day I got a craving for cranberries and bought myself a bag of Crasins. You know dried cranberries. Well this morning I had my fill and decided to share with the...
  11. ArizonaNessa

    Does this confuse you as much as it does me?
  12. ArizonaNessa

    Pecked Turkey

    One of my turkey girls got into it with a RIR hen. My turkey's little snood thingy on her nose is all swollen now. Should I just watch it for a while or should I try to put something on it. She is acting just fine but her little snood thing is about as big around as my pinky finger. It''s...
  13. ArizonaNessa

    Anyone have an extra hug out there?

    I had a tooth extracted and it turned into a nightmare. 15 shots of septocaine (I have no idea why he thought I needed that many shots) later and the thing finally came out in 4 pieces. Now I have stitches and feel like I have been hit with a truck. Okay thanks for listening to me whine...
  14. ArizonaNessa

    My chicken saved my life this morning!!!

    Well in reality I probably would not have died but I thought I was going to for a minute there. I decided to go out and move some plywood in the yard and all was going well until I lifted up the bottom piece. There were tons of crickets which didn't alarm me much but then there it was the...
  15. ArizonaNessa

    My son won!!

    My 7 year old son won two cakes in the cake walk at the fall festival tonight and now he is using my words against me. Son: Mom can I eat my cake now? Me: No you just had cotton candy at the festival Son: But mom we are not supposed to waste food Me: It will still be there tomorrow and I...
  16. ArizonaNessa

    Is it possible?

    Is it possible for a hen that just started laying to lay an egg that missed the pigment process?
  17. ArizonaNessa

    Who wouldn't have wanted to be a part of this wedding?

    This has got to be the best ever.
  18. ArizonaNessa

    East Coast Beef Recall

    For those that have not heard there is a huge beef recall that you might want to be aware of. Here is a link to the news story that includes where the beef was sold.
  19. ArizonaNessa

    Ideal is having a sale

    Just thought I would mention that Ideal hatchery is running a 99 cent sale on cornish crosses this week. 25 bird minimum order.
  20. ArizonaNessa

    Lost a family member today (looking for advice)

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a little advice on what to say. My entire family lives in Texas while I live in Arizona. I only get to see a few members of my family maybe once a year. My mother's brother had a heart attack and we all thought it was going to be fine since they sent him home...
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