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    How do you find out what hen is eating the egg or eggs?

    I have 14 chickens and they are laying about 6-7 eggs a day. Every day I find an egg that is broken and eaten. How do I figure out what hen did it?
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    Molting Chickens

    I have 15 Red Star Chickens, they have been in a molt for the past two months and I thought they were done molting but they haven't started back laying like they should. I bought feather fixer feed for them to give them higher protein to 20%, they get vegies from the garden and cracked corn...
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    New at raising chickens

    Hi live in rural Northern Wisconsin. I have 15 Red Star laying chickens. I bought them last June. They are going through molting right now. I typed in chicken questions and the internet came up with the back yard chicken info. Have read quite a few articles and questions in your forum...
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