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    Goose over heating??

    I have three 2 month old Chinese geese, that have their own little pool. This happened about a week ago as well and again today so I'm thinking maybe over heating but it seems weird for it to be off balance, anyway one of them lost its balance and was flapping its wings falling over and calling...
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    Geese aggressiveness questions

    Hi, I have some Chinese geese and they were handled a lot and brought up around my dogs since they were 3 days old and started chasing my dogs away and biting them since they were only a week old. They were brought up around them and are now 2 months old and bite my dogs and make them yelp so I...
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    Chinese goose late egg death

    Hi, it's my first time incubating goose eggs and around day 25 one of them died, I opened it up and everything looked normal to me, what do you think caused it? There's 2 that have hatched today at day 32 and another 2 that have externally pipped and 1 that's still alive but the air cell is...
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    Help! Opened eggs on day 23 and they are still alive!!

    Firstly I'm only a beginner at incubating eggs, so I have 2 Rhode Island Red eggs that didn't hatch and it's day 23 and I thought they were dead because there was no movement when I candled and no sound so I opened the eggs from the air cell side in case they were alive but didn't expect them to...
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