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  1. ChristineDown

    help please with my very sick araucana

    She's 20 months old and only starting laying a few weeks ago. She stopped laying about 10 days ago. She has had watery poo with green in it but not today. She's thin and eating very little but I have been hand feeding her the so called recovery diet (egg yolk, oats, yoghurt, grated apple) but...
  2. ChristineDown

    Aracana not eating and runny poo

    I have a black aracana 9 months old. She came to me as point of lay in October last year but didn't start laying until a few weeks ago which I put down to the cold winter we had. However, she isn't "thriving". She's fairly thin, and doesn't normally eat much. Her crop is always about 1/2 -...
  3. ChristineDown

    sad little aracana

    I have been given a black aracana just about point of lay (about 18 weeks old) I have put her in with my other 5 chickens who are about 3 years old. She is getting a bit pecked but no serious injuries. However they are chasing her away from the food and when I check her crop at night she has...
  4. ChristineDown

    Red mite update

    I posted on here about redmite and said I'd report back on the sulphur candle solution. Here's what I did: I washed the entire henhouse with Jeyes fluid and water from a pressure hose getting into the cracks. (Loads of mites came out like a sludge!) I treated the hens with Frontline. I then...
  5. ChristineDown

    I'm being bitten by red mite

    I've got a red mite infestation and I have been cleaning out my hen house and holding my girls while I apply barrier spray. I got red mites on me four days ago and changed my clothes and had a shower. I got a number of itchy red bites so next day bought some solution for nits and put it on my...
  6. ChristineDown

    Extra egg laid late in the day

    I have 5 chickens all laying one egg a day each. All the eggs have hard shells and are fine in every way. However, sometimes late in day (just before they roost) I get a single soft shelled egg as well. Sometimes I don't see until the morning when I let them out. Normally they all lay in the...
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