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  1. chickeypoo

    DD is turning 13 and i need ideas

    Ok, i need ideas for a b-day party. She is becoming a teen AND it's her golden b-day. I am not sure what to do for her for a party. I don't want to spend to much money (since i really don't have much to begin with) but we have done parties in the park mostly. but i wanted to do something a...
  2. chickeypoo

    WTB in WI, Pretty Turken/naked neck Rooster

    I lost my beloved rooster that i was going to breed with my hens. i just wanted to have a bunch of chicks with naked necks.. but sadly he died this winter if anyone has a turken rooster that is close to me.. id be terribly grateful to buy one. I am not really looking for a buff color but if...
  3. chickeypoo

    WTB Turken/naked neck Eggs

    I am looking for turken eggs. Id prefer a different color than buff.. but at this point id take just about anything. I can't afford much and im looking to pay maybe this friday but i want to see if anyone has any that they are selling. they don't need to be show quality or anything.. I just...
  4. chickeypoo

    I want some turkens!

    before moving i had a bunch of turkens.. then we moved and one day we went to shut the chickens up at night and DHcame home to tell me they were missing. so i am down to two turkens... and newer rooster and an old sickly looking hen that don't lay eggs so, im outta luck on that. i miss my...
  5. chickeypoo

    poured in my life can't it stop? Dads Gone9/25/10Gmas Gone10/31/10

    I assume most of you have read my party post about this past weekend and how my mom's friend treated me. that was saturday. onto monday, i talked to my dad and he said he was going to the doctor cuz if he didn't my brother was gonna take him in himself. anyway, i had told him to go. actually...
  6. chickeypoo

    Ranty Ranty Ranty. REALLY LONG but i need to just vent a bit.

    i had written this out in word. and i was going to post it in someone else's post but figured it was so long id just make it a new one LOL. my relationship with my mom is... well strained to say the least. here's just a small part of the story dealign with one other person. so yeah.. its'...
  7. chickeypoo

    Iced Coffee Recipe?

    I need a good iced coffee recipe. I am too hot to drink hot coffee.. as much as i love it.. but i want something that is still coffee but sweet..and refreshing and cooling. Please help lol. Thanks.. if this needs to be moved.. go for it. i didn't know where to put it.
  8. chickeypoo

    Not a chicken but a dog. needs some type of pain med*UPDATE*

    He's a chinese crested so he's a little guy. im not sure what to give him. i think when he was wrestling with the other dogs he got hurt up in his hip. he doesn't want to go outside and i have to carry him down our steps and back. he used to run like the wind.. now he doesn't want to even...
  9. chickeypoo

    So, yesterday I did something I never did before...

    I mowed the grass. LOL. yep, im 28 and i have never mowed the grass. Hubby got me on the rider and i did the back part of the yard. well, part of it(the rest is all stick thigns from the soybeans of last year) i never had to mow before cuz my hubby did all the mowing and before that my...
  10. chickeypoo

    Boy am i Sick of all this! RANT and long.

    Ok.. to start things off.. we are moving. the guy we are dealing with helped my DH rewire the other house. and was generally a nice guy. the guy said we had till June to get our stuff out(not that we were gonna take that long) . then all of a sudden.. he's here with a bobcat moving the chicken...
  11. chickeypoo

    a Turken that lays a green or blue egg?

    Is it possible? if it were.. id be buying them all up lol. i don't know anything on genetics but i would love to see if someone can or would want to do it lol. i love turkens and i want to get more green/blue eggs. lol. thanks:)
  12. chickeypoo

    Hi All,

    I know it's been a while since i have been around. we have been super busy with life lately. We were trying to get a new house put in where our mobile home was.. with basement and all that.. well, the whole sum was way more than we had started with and we called it quits. so that was a no...
  13. chickeypoo

    Happy Holidays(cute holiday link)

    I have had this link in my faves for three years or so now. I got it off the original BYC lol. I just love it and i am sure everyone else will too. make sure you turn up your volume Sue
  14. chickeypoo

    Crafts for Christmas for kids?

    what can i make with my children for christmas? i have a wreath idea.. but i wasn't sure i wanted to do it yet.. maybe this week id pick it up. but anyway, other ideas? and pics would help too :)thanks Sue
  15. chickeypoo

    *UPDATE* make things for Christmas... bath salts? bath fizzies? pg 3

    Please help and give me some ideas. or links. something that can tell me what i need and how to do it. no links with videos(i have dial up) so any help would be appreciated. Sue
  16. chickeypoo

    Cortunix...making weird noises.. how much longer?

    they are nearing the 8th week or so for age.. how long do i have to wait for eggs? and what is that horrid sound they are making lol. im jk. it just scares the crap out of me every time they do it. Sue
  17. chickeypoo

    Pro Pics of kids... and a couple of us

    We just had our pics done this past weekend. i won't get the real ones until the 9th or so. but i did get a disc. these are just a few of the 47(!) that he took lol. it was fun(for the most part) though it was at least 1/2 hour after our actual appt cuz the people before us had a wailing...
  18. chickeypoo

    can I do something to make them lay?

    They went through a molt and should be done by now.. but i have NO eggs. how frustrating. with all the hens i have.. can't i have one egg? ugh. anyway, is there something i can do to kick start them? besides lighting? Thanks Sue
  19. chickeypoo

    when do cortunix eggs hatch?

    I was wondering what day my eggs will hatch. my buttons hatched tonight. they were so nice and waited for me to get home from work lol. Thanks Sue
  20. chickeypoo

    come see the newest member of our family. 1 pic

    We just got a new puppy. His name is Sheldon and he's six months old. My hubby has been wanting one for a looooong time. and since they are normally so dang expensive we never got one. My hubby wasn't terribly interested in papers and all that. he wanted a certain color at first but with...
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