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  1. Tangeygirl

    My chicken tractor

    I've lost 2 hens in the last 2 months to a fox(es) and haven't been letting my girls free-range because of it. I hated seeing them cooped up in their run all day long where they've scratched all the grass to nothing. So this weekend we set out to build them a chicken tractor! Simple design and...
  2. My mom and I with our finished product!

    My mom and I with our finished product!

  3. It's 4' wide by 10' long! Cost only $88 and 5-6 hours to make :)

    It's 4' wide by 10' long! Cost only $88 and 5-6 hours to make :)

  4. My twins goofing around inside while we were attaching the chicken wire! :)

    My twins goofing around inside while we were attaching the chicken wire! :)

  5. Building the frame - 1/2" PVC pipe

    Building the frame - 1/2" PVC pipe

  6. Chicken Tractor

    Chicken Tractor

  7. Tangeygirl

    Tangeygirls Member Page

    New mother to four fluffy girls, Marigold, Bluebird, Thelma & Louise :) Marigold BlueBird Thelma & Louise Thank you Marigold (greenish eggs) & BlueBird (blueish eggs) The girls enjoy their first pan of warm oatmeal on a chilly October day! They loved it :) down after taking...
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  9. Tangeygirl

    Discolored swollen leg

    I do not recall her having a cut. When she was gimpy and unable to get into the coop or out. I did inspect her feet and leg for injury. There was nothing noticeable. That was 3 months ago when she was so gimpy she didn't care if I picked her up. I spent 1/2 hour today chasing her around the...
  10. Tangeygirl

    Discolored swollen leg

    I will attempt to catch her. She is unfriendly and usually will not let me near her. While my other girls will hop onto my lap if I'm sitting down and follow me like puppies! She came from someone else. The others I raised from a week old so they love me unlike her! I will attempt and will post...
  11. Tangeygirl

    Discolored swollen leg

    Any insight as to what could be going on and what I can/should do is greatly appreciated!! 1) Bluebird is an Easter Egger. She's supposedly 2 years old but I think she may be older. She is definitely smaller than the rest of the flock but she's also a different breed (others are Black...
  12. Tangeygirl

    1st Egg :)

    Thanks everyone!!!! No egg today I guess I can cut her some slack. I just hope she's not been laying them all along in the woods when they free range and yesterday was just a fluke of laying in the coop!!!!
  13. Tangeygirl

    1st Egg :)

    hehe, i was getting worried. this girl laid at 7 months 1 day old!!!!! i was starting to think i'd have to threaten them with chicken soup! j/k! i love them too much.
  14. Tangeygirl

    1st Egg :)

    I got my first egg! We've had our Delawares and Black Australorps since May 1st when they were 1 week old. Today I came home to one lovely brown egg! I don't know who laid it but I'm one proud chicken mama!!!! :-) Here is a photo of our beauty next to a store bought "large" egg. I don't think...
  15. Tangeygirl

    :( Lost a 8 week old Delaware this morning

    Thanks everyone. And I'm so sorry to the others who have faced a similar problem. As for the girls. They are not free-ranging right now except for supervised 10 minute jaunts since they're still pretty young. They were completely locked in their run when this happened (sometime between 7 p.m...
  16. Tangeygirl

    Last night's visitor

  17. Tangeygirl

    :( Lost a 8 week old Delaware this morning

    So sad Our run was what I thought was completely predator proof. Hardware cloth and chicken wire doubled on the bottom 2 feet of the run, just hardware cloth for 1 foot above the double layer, then the rest of the sides and top is chicken wire. The bottom is completely covered in hardware...
  18. Tangeygirl

    Adding new chicks to my existing "flock"

    Well, it's so stinking hot here in CT that I decided, no time like the present. Around midnight last night I carried all my "babies" - 6 1/2 weeks old - and brought them out to the coop. Put them in and left them. All night. I felt like a terrible mother, abandoning them Can you tell I'm a...
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