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  1. Tangeygirl

    My chicken tractor

    I've lost 2 hens in the last 2 months to a fox(es) and haven't been letting my girls free-range because of it. I hated seeing them cooped up in their run all day long where they've scratched all the grass to nothing. So this weekend we set out to build them a chicken tractor! Simple design and...
  2. Tangeygirl

    Discolored swollen leg

    Any insight as to what could be going on and what I can/should do is greatly appreciated!! 1) Bluebird is an Easter Egger. She's supposedly 2 years old but I think she may be older. She is definitely smaller than the rest of the flock but she's also a different breed (others are Black...
  3. Tangeygirl

    1st Egg :)

    I got my first egg! We've had our Delawares and Black Australorps since May 1st when they were 1 week old. Today I came home to one lovely brown egg! I don't know who laid it but I'm one proud chicken mama!!!! :-) Here is a photo of our beauty next to a store bought "large" egg. I don't think...
  4. Tangeygirl

    :( Lost a 8 week old Delaware this morning

    So sad Our run was what I thought was completely predator proof. Hardware cloth and chicken wire doubled on the bottom 2 feet of the run, just hardware cloth for 1 foot above the double layer, then the rest of the sides and top is chicken wire. The bottom is completely covered in hardware...
  5. Tangeygirl

    Adding new chicks to my existing "flock"

    I have 6 six week old chicks, 3 Delawares and 3 Australorps. They're completely feathered out and outrowing their playpen brooder (that's in my living room). It was suggested by a friend who also has chicks from the same hatch that the chicks are ready to move out into the coop outside. Here are...
  6. Tangeygirl

    My girls aren't so fluffy anymore!

    My girls will be 6 weeks this Sunday They're still living in a playpen brooder in my living room. They've been off the heat lamp for about a week (as it was in the 90's and humid every single day here in CT!) now the weather has changed, it's chilly--at least I think so. I put socks on for the...
  7. Tangeygirl

    They're getting soooo big!

    My new girls have grown so much since we got them when they were 1 week old. They'll be 3 weeks on Sunday. Today we moved them out of their tote brooder into a playpen brooder w/ twice the amount of room and a roost for them to perch. They're definitely less noisy now that they're in a bigger...
  8. Tangeygirl

    Fluffy butt!

    A friend ordered some chicks from a hatchery, so we went and took 3 Delawares and 3 Australorps off her hands!! They are soooo stinking cute! Welcome home Cagney, Lacey, Betty, Wilma, Pip & Squeek!!! my kiddos seeing the lil chicks for the first time xavier - one of my 21 month old twins...
  9. Tangeygirl

    Our homemade brooder

    Today we built our homemade brooder - "Peep Show" - the name borrowed from some of you BYC'rs It's in our living room for our family to enjoy watching the lil fluffy butts grow! It was simple and easy and looks like it will work out perfectly. We used a 90 quart clear clastic tub. With the...
  10. Tangeygirl

    after a long hiatus :)

    One of my Easter Eggers laid her first egg after a 2 1/2 month break which included her molting down to her pin feathers. She's looking more beautious than ever and what a pleasant surprise to find this out in the nesting box tonight when I went to lock up the coop. 3+ feet of snow on the ground...
  11. Tangeygirl

    Is it Spring yet?!

    Nearly 2 feet of snow here in the Quiet Corner! My girls won't even come out of the coop. Can't say I blame them! This pic was taken before we got 5 more hours of snow and about another 6"!!!
  12. Tangeygirl

    G'bye Thelma

    Today we had to say goodbye to our 25 week old Easter Egger, Thelma. She had been suffering with symptoms of Marek's on and off for about 1 1/2 months. She would have leg paralysis, then get better. Then wing paralysis, then would get better. On and off all this time. The past week it's been...
  13. Tangeygirl

    My first experience with molting

    I didn't realize how pathetic the poor girls would look!!! I've done quite a bit of reading and will be treating them to scrambled eggs and tuna to up their protein! Poor girls are gonna freeze their lil booty's off! It's 30 degrees out and they have to molt now?!?! Marigold, losing all...
  14. Tangeygirl

    ?Marek's...update on Thelma & Louise

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share what's been going on with my girls this past 1 1/2 weeks. I posted a thread last Saturday so I won't go into great detail but... Thelma my 4 month old EE was walking a little funny for a few days and then her legs went completely paralyzed, she'd stand very...
  15. Tangeygirl

    Droopy wing

    I posted a few days ago about one of my Easter Eggers and her leg problems - which turned out to be paralysis...from possible Marek's. Now my approximate 19 week old Easter Egger has a VERY droopy wing. It's been for approximately 3 days. I noticed it was hanging lower but just thought she had a...
  16. Tangeygirl

    Sick chicken - Thelma's drunk :( *not actually drunk but looks like it

    Hi everyone...I'm hoping someone out there has a little insight as to what may be going on with my approximately 22 week old Easter Egger, Thelma. On Tuesday when I was locking my girls in after a day of free ranging I noticed Thelma looked like she was a lil drunk, leaning to one side as she...
  17. Tangeygirl

    Happy Halloween! What were your boys and ghouls?!

    Here's a pic of my kiddos before heading out to TorT ~Jaime
  18. Tangeygirl

    Looking for advice for my coop, first winter--UPDATE of changes made

    Hi everyone! I've been a chicken mama for about 3 months now and am loving my 4 girls! It's getting cooler here in CT and pretty soon the snow will be falling. I'm looking for some ideas and advice on how to get my coop in good order for the Winter months. Any help is greatly appreciated...
  19. Tangeygirl

    Chicken charm :)

    I'm just so excited, I had to share. For you ladies with Pandora bracelets...I found this adorable chicken charm on etsy that came in the mail today. I LOVE it and it shows my love for my girls!!! I'm such a chicken nerd.
  20. Tangeygirl

    28 days later and they disappeared

    I've had my girls for 28 days. Today I let them out as usual to roam. I last saw them at 5 o'clock hanging around the coop that had fresh hay and shavings waiting for them. When I went to bring them their nightly snack and lock them in at 6:45 (they're usually back by 6:30) they weren't there...
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