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  1. Ytailhunter

    18 True Rumpless Tufted Araucana 13 R + 5H P/U only Massena NY

    After A Lot of Thought I have decided to sell my flock of true Araucana, I Regularly sell my Egg's on Eggbid for an average of $ 30.- $ 50. per dozen , So it wont take you long to see a return on your investment. My hen's are either black or white and my roo's are BBR, GLD,Blue ,Birchen, White...
  2. Ytailhunter

    (Sold) 12 True Rumpless Tufted Araucana Egg's ($35. includes shipping)

    I had a cancellation so the first person to PM me with the word taken will grt these egg's . They are from my pen of large fowl araucana of various colors - Chick's could be BBR,Bdw,Black,white, Blue, Or brown red, If spoken for by 10pm today they will ship tomorrow. sept 28
  3. Ytailhunter

    True Rumpless Araucana Pair Availiable

    Shipping will be a fixed $45. These two bird's are availiable to the highest Bidder However I do have a reserve, Both are 18wks,hatched from blue egg's and are un-related,They are primarily blue with red wingbands 1 cockrel and 1 Hen, and I may add another pullet if bidding goes well. The...
  4. Ytailhunter

    12+ True rumpless tufted araucana egg's - $30.+ shipping ready monday

    I have availiable due to cancellation 12+ True rumpless tufted araucana eggs from two breeding pen's. Pen 1- has two extended black roo's 1 carries the Mh gene,one rumpless tufted,one rumpless cleanfaced, and 1 rumpless cleanfaced wild type roo, these are over 2 wheaton hen's. (PEN 2) has a...
  5. Ytailhunter

    Calling all Araucana genetic's Guru's Please Help ???

    Ok Here's the deal, I am on my 3rd yr now working on my own line and having much success, All my flock has proper pea comb,egg color,leg color,Type is good etc. Now I have 1 Rooster Which meets the european standard (rumpless,tufted,bearded) I have kept him as a Lawn ornament (not with the rest...
  6. Ytailhunter

    FS Rumpless Tufted Araucana Egg's (for a limited time)

    For a limited Time I will be offering hatching egg's untill I am ready to start my own hatches.(about 4 weeks) We get $35.per doz +extras and a flat rate of $11. for shipping, This is a chance to hatch some truly beautifull birds, All of my egg's are sky blue,I keep 6 roo's in my flock which are...
  7. Ytailhunter

    Auction for 12+ True Rumpless Tufted Araucana Egg's

    These will be from two pen's, which contains Recessive White hen's,recessive white roo,blue hen's,blue red splash hens,black red hen's,black/birchen ,extended black roo's and brown/red hen's and wild type roo.This auction ends sunday the 19th at exactly 7pm highest bidder at that time win's...
  8. Ytailhunter

    Massena NY - you now have a Rumpless Tufted Araucana Breeder

    Well I finally made the move from NH to NY, And I love it here, I will still be selling egg's by mail and on the farm but chick's will be limited to pick up on the farm in massena untill I get thing's worked out. I am missing the poultry swaps , so if anyone is near me I would like to know where...
  9. Ytailhunter

    SOLD- - 25 Started True Rumpless Tufted Araucana Chicks LF, NH

    I will be moving in about 4 day's and can not bring all of my bird's.(not enough coop space)most of these chicks are 6-8 weeks old colors are black,white,blue, splash - most are either rumpless and tufted and rumpless and clean faced -parents are on premisis , If I had more time they would be on...
  10. Ytailhunter

    Rumpless Tufted Araucana Eggs 24

    My Incubator is Full so I am offering 24 eggs for $45. + shipping, these would be from my breeding pen containing Two extended Black roo's over blue hen's and Recessive white hen's , all are rumpless except for 1 blue hen which has 2 beautifull tuft's. If these are not sold by this evening they...
  11. Ytailhunter

    NH pick up only,"" True Rumpless Tufted Araucana LF Chick's""!!

    This is a rare chance to get some true Rumpless Tufted Araucana, I have availiable chick's at 1wk old,3 wks old, and 6-8 weeks old. The Price for pick up at my home is below,Sorry no shipping availiable. Chick's That are both rumpless and tufted or rumpless and clean faced are $10.ea (any age)...
  12. Ytailhunter

    Rumpless Tufted Araucana Guru's - Leg color ?

    Ok Araucana guru's I am hatching 90 % of my birds this yr and I am trying to figure something out . My white line all have yellow shanks however I am hatching several white chicks each hatch with willow shanks and I am trying to decide if I should be culling them or growing them out for my...
  13. Ytailhunter

    Anyone Breeding european standard araucana

    I was just wondering because I have some that I keep seperate from my apa standards, Trying to decide if I should begin breeding them. or if there would be a market for chick's or egg's. Also would like some info on making crosses with my standard hen's.
  14. Ytailhunter

    Rumpless Araucana Chick's 3wks old...NH...P/U only

    I have for sale 8 Three week old Rumpless tufted araucana chicks. Most are rumpless and clean faced two have tails. 2-blk,2-blue,4-white. These were hatched from rumpless tufted and rumpless clean faced only. $50. for all or $8.ea with a 4-chick min . This is a great oppratunity to get true...
  15. Ytailhunter

    Anyone know where I can get parts for a redwood jamesway bator ?

    Lucky me, I am buying a jamesway 2 thousand egg incubator and was hoping some of my BYC friends might know where I can still get parts for it, I dont know the model yet however it's 5ft tall x 5ft wide (4 door two hatchers above) 3ft deep. Electric, Any and all info would be appreciated.
  16. Ytailhunter

    **Egg Lotto** Can a mod please pm me.

    Ok This is what I am Planning, Pending Moderator Approval.. I will be conducting an egg lottery, The winner will recieve 16 True rumpless Tufted Araucana eggs including shipping U.S. only,The egg's will ship on Mon or tuesday at the latest. cost for entering will Be $5. via pay-pal , It will be...
  17. Ytailhunter

    New Test hatch Rumpless Tufted ?

    Ok all you genetic guru's I did a test hatch to see several thing's .I aquired two Black Roosters and bred them to 3 white hens to see if my whites were recessive or dominant,and to see if my newly aquired blacks were extended black. 50% of all chicks were white and 50% were white .several of...
  18. Ytailhunter

    Rumpless Tufted Araucana-upstate ny-any resources for selling / swaps

    Hi , I will be moving to Upstate NY in July and am trying to find out if there is going to be a market for my Rumpless Tufted Araucana chick's , started bird's and hatching egg's. Or if there are any poultry shows or swaps or even auctions near Massena. I have been breeding araucana for 2 yrs...
  19. Ytailhunter

    Trying To keep track p-1,f-1, Please explain

    I Have started to do some test hatches from different breeding pen's of my araucanas, Black x blue, Black x white, etc... and need some help on keeping accurite records. am I correct in assuming that P-1 = Parent stock, F-1 = 1st gen, and can anyone tell me how to label the rest on paper such...
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