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  1. kelleyayers1

    Polish roo or hen?

    Hello I have a buff polish that has not crowed nor laid an egg yet but the other day I heard ut tidbitting like a roo. Can anyone help me figure out if it is a roo? Or not?
  2. kelleyayers1


    Hello was wondering if I could get some help guessing what kind of chicks these are. All are bantams from atwoods.
  3. kelleyayers1

    What am I?

    Little chick from atwoods. Clean legged four toes
  4. kelleyayers1

    Hen or roo?

    Hen or roo?
  5. kelleyayers1

    What breed?

  6. kelleyayers1

    What breed?

  7. kelleyayers1

    Roo or hen?

    Roo or hen?
  8. kelleyayers1

    What kind of chick?

    Any ideas on kind of chick? Its feathers feel more like a silkie than regular feathers.
  9. kelleyayers1

    Mystery chick

    Someone on our neighborhood app found this little chick outside all by itself .Any ideas on what it could be? Starting to get some feathers on it's wings and a little sprout of a tail. No comb yet. Clean legged, three toes.
  10. kelleyayers1


    Found this little one in an Atwoods bin with bigger chicks. Has five toes skin bluish and pink.
  11. kelleyayers1

    Janoel12 incubator questions

    Hello. First time ever incubating eggs. Well, technically haven't even started yet. I set up the incubator I got earlier today and am letting it run for 24 hours to ensure the temp and everything stays consistent. I bought the Janoel12 incubator that holds 9-12 eggs and had a few questions. The...
  12. kelleyayers1

    Colors of seramas

    Are there set standards on colors for seramas? I am trying to figure out what color our roo is?
  13. kelleyayers1

    Chicken closing eyes

    We have a D'uccle hen who closes her eyes when we pick her up. None of our other chickens have ever done this. She is fine when you put her down or before you pick her up. Anyone else ever have a chicken do this? It's like she is blocking out reality or to much stimuli.
  14. kelleyayers1


    Confused on what gender these three chickens are. Two are Polish and I am uncertain on the third breed. I would appreciate any help in determining their gender and breed for the last one. The bigger Polish with white speckles is about to be 13 weeks. Thinking rooster for that one. Never seen it...
  15. kelleyayers1

    Rooster acting strange

    Up until now our rooster has not had any problems and acting completely normal. This morning when we let him out of the coop, he started running around frantically. He acted like something was on him or chasing him around. All of our hens are acting completely normal, he is the only one doing...
  16. kelleyayers1

    Show girls

    iSO show girls. Live in Oklahoma and having a hard time finding any! Thanks!
  17. kelleyayers1

    hello all

    My daughter and I are getting backyard chickens this year! A new type of pets for us! Already having difficulty in finding our chicken as we live in a city and no roosters are allowed and so many places not sexing the chicks. Anyone have any tips on this problem? Really dont want to risk getting...
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