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  1. Balefire

    Hello there

    I was here a long time ago, now I like to restart my flock and look for some idea, how to build a coop and what to get (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Grew up on a farm and had chicken most of my life (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 8, 1 rooster, 1...
  2. Balefire

    A wish for Black Friday

    Tomorrow is Black Friday. A lot of good deals are waiting............ When you shop, please think about us, who are working in retail........... We can not spend a lot of time with our love ones @ Thanksgiving, because we are opening early. It is not our fault, when the thing you love to buy is...
  3. Balefire

    Any Australian Shepherd owner here?

    I'm thinking about to get a Australian Shepherd puppy, but I will do my homework first. I have 2 Aussi muds, but this time I like to get a pure bred one. So I'm looking for some help to find the "right" breeder or a good rescue This is Hexe. Her dad was a Aussie and mom was a Border Collie x...
  4. Balefire

    Today is day 2.................*now with pics*

    ............that my 9 "little" ones are running with the 4 older. I was so scared, but it turned out good. Think it was a good idea to sell 2 male older and then let the little ones decide to join the other. But I'm still releaved, when I do the headcount and everybody is home in the coop;)
  5. Balefire

    I lost a RP *sigh*

    Last night I count my "little" ones and count 9 instead of 10. They are in a closed run, so I thought I counted wrong. This morning , when they were out, I counted again and came to 9 again . So I took a closer of my royal Purple is missing. Long story short...
  6. Balefire

    Why are my Guinea so excited?

    Because they saw ONE for the first time lol Video And here is ONE again lol I rescued ONE a week ago. Some people want a duck and then they couldn't deal with the mess. They want to relaese it into the wild. Now I'm looking for a friend for one.
  7. Balefire

    My little rescued duckling *Update post#26 pic loaded*

    Today I rescued a duckling, which people bought, because it was soooooooooooo cute and they did not have any clue, what they run into. They want to relase it into the wild. So I took it in. No idea what kind of duck it is or how old. All I know is, that they feed it with catfood and...
  8. Balefire

    How can you tell the gender of your young Muscovies?

    I'm wondering how you can tell aand how early you can tell the gender of your Muscovie babies. Sometimes I have the possibility to get some young ones, but I'm struggeling with the gender. It would be wonderful, if anybody is able to help me Thank You in advance
  9. Balefire

    Question for Quilters

    I'm looking for a frees CARD TRICK Pattern. Can anyone help me? Thank you for your help and have a great week
  10. Balefire

    Barred Rock, Ameracauner, BCM and a unknown (now PICS in Post 1)

    How early can you tell the gender? Does anybody has some pic in different ages? I have some Peeps which should be Bared Rocks and I'm not realy sure.......... @ first the babies, got them a week ago they should be BR and BCM This I got 2 weeks ago Any idea what this chick is...
  11. Balefire

    The first days of (almost) free range *pics*

    My chicken are from 04/ 20. After we moved I'm able to let them freerange, but I'm so scared. Yesterday i was so brave to let them go, surrounded by a sheepnet ( I thought it was safe lol). Now they enjoy a hot day in the woods Thanks for looking
  12. Balefire

    Looking for Muscovy and Runner Ducklings

    This year I got my chicks and guinnies and for 2012 I'm looking for ducks. Is there anybody near me? Or did someone has an advice for me, where I can get good quality ducklings? Thanks for your help
  13. Balefire

    Chicken Heaven - almost finished :D

    A week vacation from hubbi and me and the coop got finished. The run is only temporary. This is waiting for them
  14. Balefire

    Peeps and Keets

    Last week 4 Ameraucana and 2 BC Maran hatched. Sadly I lost 1 Ameraucana and 1 BC Maran. Today I got 6 new keets. Hope you enjoy the pics Sorry that some of the pic don't come out very good. The little one's are in a tank and that make taking pics a little hard
  15. Balefire

    Did anybody ever travel with ....

    a bater full of eggs? If so, how long, have you used a plug in for the car. how you prevend that the eggs roll around on bumpy roads?
  16. Balefire

    so much different colours :D

    I'm not sure, if I'm allowed to post this link ( if not, please remove this post), but I'm so blown away from all this different colors , Guineas can come, so I want to share with you.
  17. Balefire

    A 21 day journey

    Today my 2 parcel of hatching eggs arrived. So far everything looks fine. No broken egg and some eggs extra. Thank you 2 so much. The incubater is set and I'm now looking for temperature and huminity. I did a lot of resurch and now I'm confused. Is 100 ok or should it better be around 102? The...
  18. Balefire

    Real bad day

    Today should be settlement day................but the mortgage company didn't do the job, it's easier for them to cancell our date without telling us what day THEY prefer Because my hubby is a veteran, the VA is in it and they found out, that this sweet company never put any paperwork...
  19. Balefire

    Look what I got today....

    Yes, I got 6 very cute little keets. They should be 6 days old. Hope I will become a good Guinea mom. I'm so unsure that all is right. They are more sleepy then the chicks have been. I got them from the Craigslist and that guy had the parents running around. Are 6 enough or shall I get some...
  20. Balefire

    Mother Day Blues

    I'm a mom of 4. And they are mad at me, because I followed my love to PA, away from Germany. I only have a loose contact to one son, who is a soldier. The other 3 don't know me anymore. I know it's my own fault, but I miss them on day like this I gave them wings and they flow away
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