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  1. lizakn

    Males, females or both?

    These are photos of our 3 Pekin Ducks. They are 2 months old. I've tried sexing them (was told to listen to the quack, look at tail feathers, the breast) but I'm still not sure. If I have all males, I plan on selling 2 of them...and getting 2 females in place of the males ASAP (I want duck...
  2. lizakn

    Rescued wild partridge eggs

    So a few days ago, my husband was cleaning out some bushes near my lilacs & came across a nest with 11 partridge eggs. He didn't disturb it. For days we watched as mama partridge flew in & out of the nest...and sit on the eggs. Well this morning when I went out to let my chickens out of the...
  3. lizakn

    Processing at 13 weeks?

    I have meat kings that are scheduled for processing next week..when they will be 10 weeks old. The issue is, they aren't really that big. They are mostly free range, but also get the suggested amount of feed..and drink tons of water. I'd like to keep them a little longer to plump them up...but...
  4. lizakn

    My order is in!

    So excited! Just put my order in for my Spring chicks! I'm getting 2 Delaware, 2 Ameraucana, and 2 Barred Rock for the end of April. And in May I have 3 RIR's & 2 ducklings will be joining the 'farm family'. We have hens now, so hopefully when it comes time to add in the newcomers, my ladies...
  5. lizakn

    Putting a chick brooder in the chicken coop?? Advice and Photos please!!

    I want to get some more chick's this spring, but do not want to have chick's in the house again since we are expecting a baby this summer (so I would like my house to be as clean as possible!!) We have a small flock of RIR's, and a pretty large coop in our barn. We have electric hook up in...
  6. lizakn

    Is this normal when growing feathers?? I am a 1st time chick mom...and our chicks are 2 weeks old. They have started developing their feathers...but I noticed yesterday when cleaning their brooder that some have some parts on them that you can see their bare skin. They don't pick at each other...or at least I haven't noticed...
  7. lizakn

    They are here!!!! My 12 new little babies!!!

    Our chicks have arrived! I picked them up this morning at our local Co-op. I think they love the camera already lol They are eating & drinking very well!...and seem to be quite happy :)
  8. lizakn

    Can someone calm my nerves?! Getting chicks for first time a week from today! now that the date of the chicks arrival is so close, I am really starting to get worried. I ordered them from a local Farmers Co-op back in March...and I have been so excited for them to come these past 2 months!....but now that the date is fast approaching I am starting to get nervous...
  9. lizakn

    Pine tree in chicken run??

    We are just starting to build our Coop, which will be inside our barn in an old stall. The 'run' we are building just outside the barn {which they will be able to get to through what we call a "chicken bridge"} will have a large old pine tree in it. We thought since that side of the barn can get...
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