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  1. flower


    Hello everyone from NE corner of the great state of AZ. After being redirected back to my homestead from my travels due to the pandemic Covid 19, I went to the feedstore to restart my backyard flock. This time around, I hope to keep it simple. ha ha It seems just a few chickens are never enough...
  2. flower

    Misting incubating eggs ?

    In the new April/May backyard poultry magazine there is an article on incubation and hatching. The title is "Artificial Incubating and Hatching". It is a point of view from England and has ideas that may help my hatch rate. The aspect that I most enjoy is the scientific explanations. The...
  3. flower

    Gold Spangled Hamburg hatching eggs

    must be affordable and purchased by PMO sent to CA regular post is OK.
  4. flower

    Ameraucana pullet in south CA

    Does anyone have one or two pullets that they can part with ? Blue Wheaten preferred but any healthy bird will be good.
  5. flower

    Who knows about Embryo's growth

    I was wondering if there is a large amount of growth during the last five days of incubation ?
  6. flower

    Question about picture limits and etc

    Maybe I need to pay the annual fee. Where could I send a MO since I don't use paypal ? Second what happens when the image posting is filled up ? This is such a wonderful site ! It is an invaluable site to the users and I do know that a lot of volunteer time goes into the mantainence. I really...
  7. flower

    Help ! I Still Don't Have It Down

    I bought my LG with forced air and eggs turner years agoe to hatch keets. I had good sucess back in 2003 but since then have had life style changes and moved around and purchased chicks instead. But again I stable and caught the hatching fever from BYC . Last month with 12 EE and 6 bantam...
  8. flower

    Chick behavior/facing off

    One year I bought two white silky chicks. Very pretty but both turned out to be roos. They were given away to someone who sold them for $20 each. That is not the story that I want to make but it is interesting that some one would pay $ 20 for a young rooster. As they were growing, I noticed...
  9. flower

    Incubating 101

    Hello and Happy Holidays to all, I was wondering if anyone could post a link to basic rules of incubating ? I have been reading as many posts as I can and feel that I have learned a lot but still questions if I have missed anything whcih would put my eggs at risk. Mary in the hgih desert of...
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