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  1. RedRoosterFarm

    Serama Cockerel

    This guy is for sale. Needs some legs under him in my opinion but not bad also wish his back was a tad shorter. He has never been on the table except today and is good but wants to move around and flap.Tail spread is great and to die for and still coming in. 40.00 plus box and shipping. Pm...
  2. RedRoosterFarm

    Serama Cockerel -NPIP AI Clean

    Serama Cockerel for sale- He is almost a year and around 17oz. He has not been handled and I can not get him to stay on the table. I also have a hefty hen if interested for free just pay the shipping. He is 50.00 plus an additional 10.00 for box and 45.00 for his shipping and if you want the hen...
  3. RedRoosterFarm

    Sebastopol Goslings for sale-straight run

    I have straight run of Sebs hatched last week and more this week. Metzer and Holderreads birds. One is splash but no idea if he has any offspring in this batch. I don't know how to sex them nor am I interested. I attempted to color sex last year and marked them and had mainly females that I...
  4. RedRoosterFarm

    SQ White Serama Pair for sale-NPIP-AI tested

    SOLD! For sale-I have a great pair of nice white Show quality seramas for sale. She is very nice and typee at 12.2 oz and he is 17.9 to 18 and both 16 months. Unrelated with nice yellow shanks and ready to be incoop shown or TT. Both have shown last year. She took best pullet and best hen in...
  5. RedRoosterFarm

    Auction-RARE 3 Gold Laced Brahma Pullets and 1 Buff Laced Brahma Cockerel-Ends 7-1-12 at 6:30pm PST

    I have 3 Gold Laced Brahma 2 pullets/1 hen and a Buff Laced brahma Cockerel all around 10 months and 1 hen 17 months now. The mix will give both buff laced and gold laced when bred together. No splash! I just wormed and will put sevin dust on them when shipped. Shipping will depend where you...
  6. RedRoosterFarm

    Pair Seramas NPIP~ AI

    A nice pair of seramas- Pullet 11 months and laying. not touched much at all. Weighs under 16 oz. Cockerel is 7.5 months and 17.2 and never been touched till today and not happy about it. 45.00 for the pair. Local pickup tacoma area or shipped- I will ship for 60.00. I am NPIP AI in Washington...
  7. RedRoosterFarm

    Trio Rare 1yo Gold Laced Brahmas-D. Powell Lines

    I have a few Trios of Gold Laced Brahmas for sale. All are laying. Around a year old. Came from Dan Powell lines direct from him. 3rd generation is on the ground! Time to move on. Hens/pullets are 80.00 by them self or trio for 200.00 local pickup in Tacoma-area. NPIP AI Washington State-PM me.
  8. RedRoosterFarm

    AUCTION~15+ Gold Laced Brahma Eggs to ship tomorrow-Ends 4-27 9am PST

    LAST MINUTE AUCTION! I spaced and forgot I had Gold Laced eggs. I auctioned all my eggs this week and forgot to put these up. I should have over 15 by morning to ship tomorrow. GOLD LACED BRAHMA from Dan Powells stock. I am NPIP AI #91-150. These are beautiful birds! Auction ends 4-27 at 9am...
  9. RedRoosterFarm

    BIN~12 Double Barred Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Chicks

    I have a load of double barred lemon cuckoo orpington chicks . I am offering 12 and I add extras. I can ship or local pickup. I have day old to 2 weeks and they are straight run. I am NPIP AI clean. If shipped add 55.00 for box and express. It is good weather now and I have been shipping the...
  10. RedRoosterFarm

    Auction-12~Rare Breed Brahma eggs-6 Buff Laced and 6 Gold Laced Brahma eggs-Ends 4-24-12 at 6:15 pm

    This auction ends Tuesday 4-24 at 6:15 PM PST-Paypal payment needed Tuesday night to ship Wednesday. Up for auction are 12 Hatching eggs. 6 Buff Laced Hatching and 6 Gold Laced Hatching Eggs from my flocks. I got my eggs in a bid war with Green Fire Farm and Dan Powell was nice enough to offer...
  11. RedRoosterFarm

    BUY IT NOW! Auction-12 Serama Eggs fro SQ birds-NPIP

    12 Serama eggs from my birds. All colors and will include- all colors and white, booted, silkied, smooth and frizzled. NPIP AI clean. shipping is 15.00 priority usps. Please pm me. Might have some Monday also.
  12. RedRoosterFarm

    AUCTION-BUY IT NOW-12+ English double Barred Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Eggs-NPIP

    ready to ship tomorrow and more Monday -collected fresh in 3 days I will ship priority usps. 12+Barred lemon Cuckoo Orps-NPIP AI clean. 25.00 plus 16.00 shipping.
  13. RedRoosterFarm

    BUY IT NOW Auction! 25 English Lemon Cuckoo Chicks + Buff laced Brahmas & more! NPIP AI

    Ok, I need more room! I will ship 25 English Double Barred Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons and toss in some Buff Laced Brahmas, Gold Laced Brahmas and possibly Blue Laced brahmas.Up tp 6-Who knows, Maybe more??? These will ship with a heat pack and fruit. I CAN NOT garentee delivery but will ship...
  14. RedRoosterFarm

    BIN! Variety Pack-5 Buff Laced Brahmas, 5 gold Laced brahmas and 5 Double barred Lemon Cuckoo Orps-N

    BUY IT NOW! 75.00 Shipped!Up for auction are 15 egg variety pack~ 5 Buff Laced Brahma, 5 Gold Laced brahma eggs and 5 Double Barred Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Eggs from my flocks. I got my brahma eggs in a bid war with Green Fire Farm and Dan Powell was nice enough to offer them to me as well. I...
  15. RedRoosterFarm

    Auction 12-Gold Laced Brahma Eggs-Dan Powells line-NPIP 91-150-ENDS 3-7 at 12pm

    This is an auction and will end at noon Wednesday the 7th PST so I can mail after payment. I NEED PAYMENT BY 12:15 PM Wedneday. Starting at 40.00 12 Gold Laced Brahma hatching eggs from Dan Powells line. Beautiful birds and great layers. Good in cold climates too. This is a short auction...
  16. RedRoosterFarm

    AUCTION~BIN! 6 Sebastopol Hatching Eggs -NPIP #91-150-White & Splash 75.00 shipped!

    THIS IS A BUY IT NOW! 75.00 includes shipping! I have 13 Sebastopol geese and they are laying now pretty good. I am getting 6-8 eggs a day. I will offer 6 Seb eggs to ship by Wednesday. Collecting today Monday. My birds are from Holderread and some are 3rd generation and some are newer. I have a...
  17. RedRoosterFarm

    AUCTION-20 Chicks~10 Buff Laced Brahma chicks & 10 Barred Lemon Cuckoo Orpington chicks-EXTRAS!

    Please bid by reply to post. The auction ends March 11th at 6pm PST. Opening bid 100.00-NPIP 91-150-I have the right to pull this auction at anytime and sell outright to high offer. Please pm offers-I would love to ship these NOW!~Anna 20~Chicks~ Up for auction are 10 Rare Buff Laced Brahma...
  18. RedRoosterFarm

    AUCTION- 4 Buff Laced Brahmas, 4 Gold Laced Brahmas,4 Coronation & 4 Silver sussex eggs

    OK, These ship tomorrow so this auction ends at 10 am PST on Wednesday the 29th. MUST pay no later than 10:30 am pst.on Wednesday. TOMORROW! Up for auction are fresh laid Tuesday and Wednesday- Eggs~4 Buff Laced Brahma and 4 Gold Laced Brahma eggs from Dan Powells line. and 4 Coronation and 4...
  19. RedRoosterFarm

    BIN-6 silver sussex,4light sussex,4 coronation sussex eggs-shipped 40.00 NPIP

    Not sure how to list this. Not an auction but a buy it now for 40 shipped. I collected in two days.I have collected Saturday and today 6 silver sussex, 4 light sussex and 4 coronation sussex eggs. Anyone interested? 40.00 shipped-Im NPIP#91-150 Need sold today. Please PM me and I will close once...
  20. RedRoosterFarm

    AUCTION~ 10 Muscovy Duck Eggs- ALL COLORS! Ends 2-6-12 at 6pm PST

    Up for auction are 10 Muscovy duck eggs. I have beautiful Muscovys and they are the only breed of duck I have on the property so no mules. I have chocolates, blues, beige, browns, slate, grey and a few almost lavender/tan and whites. All are penned together and laying now. No telling what color...
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