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  1. duckyducky

    ducks stopped laying! Help!

    I've had the same problem with my Khaki Campbell hens. The hens like to be "private" while laying eggs. I'm not sure if its too crowded for them to lay but if you changed the old bedding with some fresh one and give them some room so to speak they'll start laying. JJ
  2. duckyducky

    What more can I do ? Eye ripped out by coon and other damage, Pictures

    If penicillin doesn't solve the problem you may want to ask your vet if it's okay to administer Amoxicillin, which is a synthetic variant of the former and is more effective. However there is one difference, Amoxicillin doesn't actually kill bacteria, but instead it prevents them from...
  3. duckyducky

    New from Guelph, ON, Canada

    My neighbor farmer (ex poultry farmer) once told me that a 150-200 sq ft. of overall roaming area is big enough inclusive of an enclosed coop of around 70-100 sq ft for 5 chickens. Just make sure they have a draft free enclosure to protect them from snow drifts and arctic air, I know how cold...
  4. duckyducky

    Fishing Hook!

    I'm sorry to hear about your chicken. Since I can't post any links on here. Visit the official website of The Association of Avian Veterinarians and find a local member vet from their website. I've had to deal with the same problem with regular vets if you can call them that but AAV has always...
  5. duckyducky

    Hello fellow Avian Lovers!!

    Thank you so much. I don't know why I waited so long to join this forum, it may be partially because I never felt I could contribute anything substantial to the discussion that wasn't already there thanks to other more informed members lol but I can tell this is going to be fun.
  6. duckyducky

    Help!!!!!!!!! my chicken has a injury (bad deep cut) on her underside

    Quote: You're welcome. but don't forget to give her antibiotics. I just learned from another senior member from here - 4-H Chicken Mom - you could get this stuff from TSC that is called EMT Gel First Aid Kit in a Tube it works great, really sticky, like honey and it is for use on all animals...
  7. duckyducky

    Snapping Turtle Attack on my duck - with pics.

    I've had these ducks for almost a few years now and they've been doing great in my lake. I also have snapping turtles and snakes in the lake but they've never attacked any of my ducks, ever until last week. One evening I looked in saw one my ducks limping and when I picked him up I found a hole...
  8. duckyducky

    Hello fellow Avian Lovers!!

    Hello all, I'm Jay from Mid-Missouri. Live on a farm with a private lake and love wildlife of all kinds. Have had the pleasure of having company of Kakhi Campbell ducks for several years. They're almost like my dogs. They follow us everytime we're around the lake and come back to their shelter...
  9. duckyducky

    Help!!!!!!!!! my chicken has a injury (bad deep cut) on her underside

    I agree with jjthink, however you could also irrigate the wound with a mild solution of dawn soap mixture with water atleast once a day until you can get it to your vet. If you have a local farm store near you, buy penicillin (either clear or milky) and inject 1 CC on the inside of the thigh...
  10. duckyducky

    Ducks legs are going paralyzed

    I've had Khaki Campbell for years and have been through all kinds of problems with them myself. I'm not sure if you've read this but it may help. They could also have been infected with meningeal worm. Also, did you give them any injection prior to the paralysis showing up? While doing so, if...
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