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  1. toxo

    My coop revisited.

    This is a follow-on from an article I started some time ago but lost some pics and oomph! After finding said pics and receiving some lovely feedback I was guilted into finishing it. So this is for all you guys who were disappointed to find it only half done. It still isn't completely done yet...
  2. toxo

    Coop for sale

    My coop is finishing today. Incubator has a few days left. thanks for looking. Paul
  3. toxo

    My coop is for sale!

    Due to a house move, my coop is up for sale. Obviously only of interest to UK people. My incubator (the 2009 winner) will follow soon. See my BYC page for both. Coop here; Thanks. Paul
  4. toxo

    Identify incubator please.

    Hi guys. A friend over here in the UK has just started and he's found himself an interesting project. It's an old incubator that was originally heated by parrafin (kerosene to you guys I think.) It's labeled "Elite" by H.M.Best. Can anyone throw any light on this one? Thanks. Paul
  5. toxo

    Beaded door curtain.

    Do these things keep chooks out of the house? My three ex batts think my house is their house. At the moment I have an old curtain doing the job but when the dogs come in they always leave a gap and the chooks follow them through. If not these what do others do to keep em out? Paul
  6. toxo

    My wine cooler page

    For those of you who were following my wine cooler project on my BYC page, you might want to check it out now it's finished. From conception to chickens in the brooder, including videos. Thanks for looking. Paul
  7. toxo

    How do you keep eggs for longer without a fridge?

    I first got interested in this subject many years ago while reading about preserving food for long distance boat trips. Apparently eggs go rotten after a while because the shell is porous and lets air (and bacteria) in. The first method I read about was to use varnish or shellac to seal them...
  8. toxo


    What makes the best candlers? Torch bulb, LED's (which type), light bulb? Also, can they be too bright? Can we do any damage to the embryo? Paul
  9. toxo

    Maplins Thermostat

    For anyone needing a thermostat, I've posted the instructions on my BYC page to make this an awesome and cheap thermostat. It needs 12v in and switches mains on/off without any discernable drop in temperature. Paul
  10. toxo

    Cooler Incubator

    Have almost finished my bator and have diligently taken photos for you guys to see on my BYC page and now I NEED some feedback. Will it work? I'm a virgin so please be gentle with me.
  11. toxo

    Newbie from Gillingham, England

    I grew up with chickens many many years ago and just lately have felt the urge getting stronger and stronger. Having just acquired a small shed I decided to make a coop out of it. After designing and re-designing and getting lots of info from people like you guys, it's well on it's way. Problem...
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