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  1. mikka

    Bantams, Layers, Brooding, Oh My!

    Hi all! :love I have just been given the green light (a positive maybe) to begin my first flock! I just wanted to start a thread on breeds that will be good for this semi-first timer. My ideal traits are... Smaller breed; working with a pretty average amount of space Okay layers, will...
  2. mikka

    Help with my egg growth!

    Do my eggs look ok? This is a picture from Day 5-
  3. mikka


    I am hatching less than 4 chicks and keeping them for a short 2-3 weeks. I heard blended whole grain cereal can supply for food but I want to be sure. So is whole grain cereal ok or is there a cheap quick option that is better? Super new so I want to do it right.
  4. mikka


    I got some free fertilized eggs from a farmer who had too many. I did some research and I am 99.7% sure I am hatching... LIGHT BRAHAMS! I did look up some stuff but I am hoping for some personal experience and tips! I am super new help pls! Light Braham chick care would be awesome too !
  5. mikka


    I am super new to incubating eggs and I am in love! I got an incubator and a thermometer and some beautiful chicken eggs! The farmer told me they were fertile and even introduced me to the parents! All was well, my still-air incubator was at an amazing 101 Fahrenheit. Then after reading, I...
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