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  1. xfilesnumber1fan

    My Duck Is Very Sick????

    How long can an adult female duck go with out food and water? She is very sick and the vet has no idea what has caused this or how to fix it..She had a fever of 109 how long is unknown it is down now,but she just lays flat in the cage,she hasnt drank anything for 24 hours I try giving it to her...
  2. xfilesnumber1fan

    HELP..My duck has bumble foot...What do I do???? VET SAID NO...

    My largest duck has bumblefoot..Trust me..It looks bad she isnt eating or drinking and wontgo near the other ducks..What do I do?? How did this happen and why the others have no signs..She is very large and heavy and the others are small and light..She walks around on small rocks by the water...
  3. xfilesnumber1fan

    I Just Love Raccoons..............Dont You???

    JUST LIKE THIS...This one WAS CAUGHT LAST NIGHT ... I live in Missouri does anyone know the law about killing these things??? Edited for language. Please keep things family-friendly. Thanks! ~Lisa~
  4. xfilesnumber1fan

    Racoon Attack...Help Please.UPDATE???More help needed....!!!!

    My friend had a racoon attack she believes it was a racoon..The wing was pulled through a fence and torn off..Mostly feathers I believe the wing bone is ok just skinned..She was going to put him down but I took him to try and heal him..I wish I had a pic he has been through so much with the...
  5. xfilesnumber1fan

    What Are These???

    I know crested/? and pekin/? What does everyone else think??
  6. xfilesnumber1fan

    My Mallard Girls.... ( Pics ) MOMMY CHANGE UPDATE..TOO FUNNY

    Here is mother and daughter and alot of eggs from them and 2 others... Mother and daughter are going for a swim here is mommy #3 taking over for them...
  7. xfilesnumber1fan

    Why are my ducks doing this???? IS IT NORMAL??

    I have 4 adult females who have always laid eggs in the same spot..I have up until now took the eggs out..About a week or 2 ago I didnt get them and now I have all 4 females sitting on the same nest..Sometimes it is just 1 or 2..Just came in and their right now are 3 sitting..They are were...
  8. xfilesnumber1fan

    Too many greens bad????

    My ducks love peas frozen thawed out peas sometimes they dont even care if they are thawed....LOL But is too many bad? I have tryed romaine,kale,green beans they eay it but not like the peas...I go outside with peas and 8 ducks comes running the minute they see me....Looks pretty funny since 6...
  9. xfilesnumber1fan

    Does Pennys in a Bag of Water really work???

    I am still having my fly problem...I have fly sticky things everywhere..Not really working..Someone told me to hang bags with water and pennies in it..Has anyone else tryed this?
  10. xfilesnumber1fan

    How Long Should I leave this on???ANYONE!!!!

    I have him wrapped,changed the feed to 15% instead of the 20% Bought tons of green things frozen green beans,peas,romaine lettuce,and Kale...Added grit to the feed..He is by his self right now he sleep with one baby last night so he wont be alone but this morning I took the other baby back...
  11. xfilesnumber1fan

    How does this look???

    My baby has angel wing I dont have tape so I wrapped an ace bandage on him...How long should it stay on? Does it need to be really tight or loose? Does it hurt him pushing the feathers in? He is 7 weeks old today..
  12. xfilesnumber1fan


    Out of the 6 mallards only 1 wings are looking funny....I carefully pulled out the wing and it is folded up the same as the other babies he isnt holding it up as tight as the others..They are they flight are some pics...If it is what do I do????? UPDATED IS THIS...
  13. xfilesnumber1fan


    My ducks are clean the pool is clean but flys are everywhere???? I have fly traps hanging things that are to repel the flys but I cant get rid of them...They are those stupid green flys too.....What else can be done!!
  14. xfilesnumber1fan

    NEED HELP!!!! NO ONE????

    I am trying to introduce my 6 new babies to my 5 adults..They are in 2 different cages but everyone is trying to attack each other they cannot get to close so no harm can come to the babies..But they are hissing (kinda) mouths wide open and pacing...The adults are last years babies 1 drake 4...
  15. xfilesnumber1fan

    HELP...My babies wont stop yelling???

    My 6, 3 1/2 week old mallard babies are cheeping their little heads off...???????They have food and water and are just standing there looking up and out of the brooder and yelling..So I take them out and they yell to get back in....????Some are even jumping...But Like I said when they get out...
  16. xfilesnumber1fan

    Need help with keeping Cage dry???NEVERMIND

    Heres a pic of the pen...The tarp keeps in dry from the rain...No I am not using the tarp a as a top there is chicken wire welding to the pen under the tarp...The problem is the cage is where the pool use to sit so it is sand and dirt and dips alittle in the middle but very level and very flat...
  17. xfilesnumber1fan

    Need help with keeping Cage dry????? NEW CAGE PICS( UPDATE )5-2-09

    Heres a pic of the pen...The tarp keeps in dry fron the rain...No I am not using the tarp a as a top there is chicken wire welding to the pen under the tarp...The problem is the cage is where the pool use to sit so it is sand and dirt and dips alittle in the middle but very level and very flat...
  18. xfilesnumber1fan

    My babies seem hot?????ANYONE??????

    I have 6, 3 week old baby mallards in my brooder....With a 250w red bulb..That only was on the back half of the brooder...But they still seem hot...They have their little mouths open like they are panting..So I move the light so now it only covering 1/4 of the cage..when can the light go off...
  19. xfilesnumber1fan

    Ducklings getting to big for Plastic Tote?????

    What else can I use?? They are in the biggest tote I could find at Wal-Mart its clear so they can see out..They just seem to be growing like a weed...Every morning they seem bigger than when I went to bed!!! What I get that would still work in the house??
  20. xfilesnumber1fan

    Are My Ducks Water Logged??????

    My ducks spend 24/7 in the pool....I am guessing they get out for maybe 5 mins a day to grab a couple of bites and it right back in that water...Is spending that much time in the water bad?? They are full grown,fully feathered adults...
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