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  1. chicklin

    I have a question about....

    Hi yall!!! I have a question about how to keep my chickens water from freezing up...It got down to 26 degrees here this morning and I am trying to find a solution on how to keep my chickens water from being frozen each mornin...Any suggestions will be helpful....thanks!!!!!!
  2. chicklin


    Hi all, I have a question. Why do chickens tail feathers fall out? One of my realitives asked me and wanted me to find out. Any help will be appreaciated!
  3. chicklin

    ~got Our First Egg Today~

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After waiting about four years,( i mean months LOL) we finally have our first egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else get their first egg today?!!? Oh ,the little things that make you jump for joy!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. chicklin

    What are the Symtoms of a Hen Ready to Lay???

    Hi all !!!! I have a hen that was in a nestbox picking up strands of hay with her beak (perhaps fluffing up the nest?) Is this a sign that she is ready to lay, or is she just curious about the nestbox? Or is she possibly going broody? The hen is about 4 months old. Thanks!!!!!!!
  5. chicklin

    How do you indroduce chicks to older chickens?

    Hi everyone, we have 11 baby chicks and 4 older chickens. How and when do you indroduce them to eack other? The older chickens are mean to the little chicks, so we have to seperate them.
  6. chicklin

    I got a Question...

    Is there a specific breed that will lay double yokers more times than less? Or are they all your normal single yoke egg laying chicken?
  7. chicklin

    Can you trim a roo's spur?

    Hi everybody. I have some young chickens. I have a rooster and I was wondering if you can trim a rooster's spur or despur a rooster. And if you can trim a roosters spur (which would probably be cheaper than having someone remove the spur ) how far can can you trim the spur. Thanks
  8. chicklin

    Chicken Behaviour Question!!!!

    We have 4 two or three month old Red Stars. And when one is on something like a stool when one flys down from the stool, I guess they think that the chicken flying down is threatning and they both sort of fight. Nothing serious. Only last a few seconds. And then they get back to normal. About...
  9. chicklin

    Looking For Buff-orpington Chicks

    Hi!!! We're looking for some Buff Orpington CHICKS to add to our flock. If you've got to many on your hands and need to get rid of some, let me know. We live in Mississippi. And one more thing - PLEASE!!! No sick chicks or chicks that have mites or poultry lice. I do not want my chicks...
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