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  1. Lmarie

    rubbery egg shells from chicks

    I agree, lack of calcium, give them some oyster shells
  2. Lmarie

    you were right about sexing Silkies (picture)

    Thats funny, I have 2 silkies and until one started crowing, I had their sexes backwards!! I thought for sure the one that is now a rooster was a hen!!!
  3. Lmarie

    Need help with wheels for my chicken run-tractor

    You know what worked great? We got one of those utility/garden wagon from TSC and took the superduty wheels off and slapped them on there. It works awesome!!
  4. Lmarie

    How to pred proof the "bottom" of your run???

    We bent out chicken wire at a 90degree angle too, and haven't had anything dig in yet. (1 1/2 yrs) Held down edges with landscape stakes. Predators won't start diggin more than a for or two away from their goal. But we did have a racoon dig over a 1 1/2 ft down under a concrete foundation. Grass...
  5. Lmarie

    Rooster food?

    Do roosters require special food or can they munch on layber crumble? If not, he might start laying soon....
  6. Lmarie

    mosquitoes as predators

    It is tore up in Georgia, we have bats living in the eaves, and they can't make a dent in the population of mosquitoes. I would think between chickens and bats we wouldn't have any!!
  7. Lmarie

    Help Identify my 'stray' chicken? :)

    Some type of game hen, I saw one recently just like it. Good free range bird
  8. Lmarie

    Broody like behavior???

    even running around in the yard they can be broody? I havent seen her in the nest at all.
  9. Lmarie

    How much have you ever paid for chickens?

    We went to buy some game chicks for free range yesterday, and at the farm we went to the gentleman that was selling them had $250-300 roosters!!! A piece! I was shocked! I have never paid more than $3!! Have any of you paid alot for pure bred show birds or anything for that matter? My two dollar...
  10. Lmarie

    Broody like behavior???

    I haven't had a hen go broody yet, but I was curious about their behavior. I know they get cranky and sit on eggs, but do they get all puffy when you get near them when they are in the yard? My 1 yr old Wyandotte kinda squeals and gets all puffy if you get close to her while she's in the yard...
  11. Lmarie

    What breed does this look like?

    I hope not a roo!! But he/she is soo tiny!! I can't wait to see what it grows up to be!!
  12. Lmarie

    What should I do for lonely chick in a brooder?

    You could put a mirror in there until you get another chick. I did this until I was able to find another baby, it kept her happy for a few days.... And its funny to watch her watch herself..
  13. Lmarie

    What breed does this look like?

    It has short little wings like a seabright, colors kinda like a sparrow or rir.. I got it because it was a easter chick I think..(rescued it) She's tiny, but has most of her feathers. enjoy! cuddlying with a silkie..
  14. Lmarie

    Which chicks do you recommend for a newbie?

    Buff Orpingtons!! They are so easy going and friendly!!!!
  15. Lmarie

    Storing eggs

    Hi, Can't remember, but do you store fresh eggs in the fridge pointy side down? I think you do...but can't
  16. Lmarie

    Barred Rock Roo?

    How did you get them to pose so well for the picture???
  17. Lmarie

    My "broiler" chickens -pics-

    what a cute pair!!!
  18. Lmarie

    Pics of my brahma flock

    WOW theyre sooo pretty!! I wish I had some Brahma's.. theyre so beautiful!!
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