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  1. Poultry by the Numbers

    Looking for tips on coop setup for egg collection

    Hello! Our girls have started laying eggs. They are either on top of their bedding and super dirty or I am having to dig through their bedding to find them. There isn’t a visible nest (or it’s not obvious where they might be hidden). Any tips? I don’t want to have to dig through their bedding...
  2. Poultry by the Numbers

    Water belly?

    She is 16 weeks old. She eats organic grower (Scratch & Peck) and has a grassy area to forage in everyday. I was able to feel it and it was soft (nothing firm or warm). She seems to move fine and behave normally. I am worried it is water belly...please help
  3. Poultry by the Numbers

    Eye injury or infection

    Our quail are a little over 11 weeks. On Friday, we noticed that one of them had a swollen eye. She seemed to otherwise be fine so we just left her alone (she is with 9 other quail, 7 females and 2 males). Then she looked like she was constantly sleeping, by Sunday morning we separated her from...
  4. Poultry by the Numbers


    I am new to this forum and to poultry. :) My family and I recently started our poultry journey in April with chicks and have since added ducklings and cortunix quail to the mix. We have focused on dual purpose heritage breeds. We have black java, barred holland and light sussex chickens (24...
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