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  1. JaimeP

    Pullet having trouble walking!

    Please help me help her. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My Easter egger puller just started laying and now I come out to this! Pictures provided. She is eating and alert and can still fly, but just wants to be held.
  2. JaimeP

    Light Brahma age?

    Hey everyone! I picked up a single supposed full size white Brahma chick the other day. Long story behind that, anyway the lady I got her from said she’s about 7 weeks, but she’s much smaller than my 5 week old EE. Was wondering your thoughts.
  3. JaimeP

    Chicken math

    So last year I started with 6 beautiful chickens in March. My Amberlinks, Abigail and Amelia, my cuckoo Marans (I think) Joey, and my Bantum rooster Chicken little were killed this spring. So sad as those 3 were awesome layers, not so sad on the roo. He was a jerk! That left me with my 2...
  4. JaimeP

    Sick pullet, please help. Sour crop?

    This is Olive, my 15 week old Easter Egger/Ayum Cemani cross pullet. Yesterday, I noticed she wasn’t her normal self, not coming for treats, sleeping in the coop and had her tail tucked. Her crop was very distended (doesn’t feel hard, feels squishy). After some research, I massaged it and...
  5. JaimeP

    Barred rock-pullets?

    Just wanted your expertise on my two 10 week old barred rock babies. I’m thinking they are both pullets. Love to hear your thoughts! Thanks in advance!
  6. JaimeP

    English Silver Laced Orpington- Roo?

    So I know it’s a bit early, Pika is approximately 9 weeks old and while I do not see rooish behaviors the comb and wattles are starting to worry me! This is the only orpington I have, so I have nothing to compare to. Thanks in advance for the guesses! Really hoping for a pullet, since I only...
  7. JaimeP

    Easter Egger chicks 8 weeks old- pullets?

    Hi everyone I know it’s still a bit early (not sure for EE’s-this is my first time with them), but I love hearing the guesses. I’m leaning toward both pullets, but can’t wait to hear from the experts! One gas a raised comb and the other has a pea comb. They don’t exactly look like the EE’s I was...
  8. JaimeP

    Am I going to be a hen or roo?

    11 weeks old let me know what you all think. I am only positive that my 1 (Chicken Little) is a roo. The rest I’m not sure. Help if you can. I’ve posted before, but hoping now that they are a little older you experts will know
  9. JaimeP

    Silkies- pullet or cockerel?

    2 Silkies 11 weeks old. I still have no idea if they are going lay or crow. Any ideas?
  10. JaimeP

    Cuckoo Maran?

    I got this chick at tractor supply. Apparently the bins were not marked correctly and since I’m a newbie I had no idea. Any idea what type of chicken this is and if it is a pullet or cockerel? I posted pics from 1 week through now at 8 weeks old. Sorry I am in some of the pics, lol. I’m really...
  11. JaimeP

    Breed/cokerel or pullet

    This is my first time owning chickens, and so far I am loving it! I was wondering if any of you could tell me the breed of the brown bantum and the black chick. I got them from a mixed bin at tractor supply. I know I have 2 Amberlinks and 2 Silkies. Yes, I got a mish mosh of different kinds...
  12. JaimeP

    Hi everyone

    So excited to have joined. I am a new chicken owner. We have had our 6 chicks for about 6 weeks now and they are growing so quickly. We have 2 silkies, 2 Amberlinks and 2 I’m not sures! So far it has been a very enjoyable experience. I look forward to all of the information I will be learning...
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