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  1. melissaowens

    ISO Japanese bantams, frizzles,and bb reds in andalusia alabama area

    I am looking to purchase bb reds, frizzles, and Japanese bantams someone has for sale reasonable priced. willing to travel and little ways.
  2. melissaowens

    my mutt chickens first time free ranging

    i decided to let my pens out one at a time to free range daily. i can't just let them free range all the time because i have to be out there watching them because there is no leash law where i live, and the neighbors love to eat my chickens. i know one is an americana hen, and i have a turken...
  3. melissaowens

    **WANTED**south alabama and north florida COCHINS

    i am looking to buy cochins, hatching eggs in north florida or south alabama. I want the reds, birchin, gold laced really bad. If you have any Cochins please let me know how much you want for the and if its eggs how many eggs for how much. feel free to give my contact info to someone you know...
  4. melissaowens

    wtb frizzle hen and roo, oegs roo and hens, and turken rooster,alabama

    i may consider biddies and hatching eggs, just let me know how much. i want some red cochins, they r almost the color of a RIR
  5. melissaowens

    UPDATE Please help-first time hatcher and newborn chick question

    sometimes it takes them a lil while to recoop from the hatching process. Some chicks hatch and are up runnin around in no time, but there are some that takes a lil more time to re-energize. i hope everything turns out alright
  6. melissaowens

    Cochin Thread!!!

    AWW!! I love the cochin breed! all of your pictures are awesome!! I am looking for the red cochins, they are about the color of a rir, i saw some over the weekend and I HAVE TO HAVE SOME!! if anyone one has any hatching eggs please let me know and how much u want. pictures would be nice.
  7. melissaowens

    Kids sleeping in the front yard be prepared its sad

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! if this is a crack house, those people should be stoned to death like in the old days, unfortunately people get away with this. There are kids going hungry, molested, abused, sleeping anywhere and everywhere their parents put them (in the yard, in dumpster, under bridges, in...
  8. melissaowens

    $0.50/egg - Your choice

    i LOVE the frizzes!!!!
  9. melissaowens

    Bama Country! *** Ads welcome**

    HEY YALL!! I am in andalusia alabama, looking for frizzles, turken bantam roo, oegb, and mixed breed,and cochins. my huspand wont let me have bitties that require a heat lamp, so they have to old enough to not need a light. i have: a black turken hen 5 mixed breeds 6 rir given to us recently...
  10. melissaowens

    Cornish Game Mix pair- 8 mo.

    i wish i lived closer to you i would buy them. do u know how far ocala is from andalusia alabama?
  11. melissaowens

    wtb frizzle hen and roo, oegs roo and hens, and turken rooster,alabama

    i a looking to buy these breed chickens and some cochins, the turnken roo has to be a bantam size. i am willing to travel to enterprise, geneva, hartford, sampson, andalusia, and florala edge of florida and between them areas. if you have these please let me know. i am looking for young to...
  12. melissaowens

    Who wants to test my shipping skills?

    ill be glad to test for you
  13. melissaowens

    who needs *Free* eggs? tell me why WINNERS PICKED!

    i would ove to have the eggs becuase, i had 42 eggs in the bator and only 1 chick hatched. i was hoping for them all to hatch but didnt. mixed breeds are my favorite, its a surprise each one is hatched. i could go on about the bad luck i have had the past month but i dont wanna waste your time...
  14. melissaowens

    day 20 on my courturnix eggs **update**

    well day 21 and one is out and a bunch more pips, weird but HEY i am happy I HAVE BABIES!!!!!
  15. melissaowens

    day 20 on my courturnix eggs **update**

    okay thanks. temp stayed aroun 99 - 100, they were shipped eggs.
  16. melissaowens

    day 20 on my courturnix eggs **update**

    i still have no pips. nothing is happening, should i throw them away or wait a little longer?out of 36 eggs none have done anything. im so sad, i have been waiting for these babies.
  17. melissaowens

    My test shipments!!! Last one's in the mail today...(Cross ur fingers)

    good news!! i got the eggs and all 20 were perfectly wrapped and in perfect condition. also dates they were laid. awesome job!!! thank you!! ill let you know how my hatchin goes!!!
  18. melissaowens

    HELP! Water wigglers NEEDED! NW PA

    do you have a dollar tree around you? i found some nemo and princess ones at the dollar tree. and only a dollar, the only bad thing is that its about an hour or so from me.
  19. melissaowens

    Does anyone else have a possesive chick?*UPDATE*

    i have a very possesive hen. when i bought her she fell in love with one of my roos, and i can place another hen in the pen with her or she will tear them up. she wants him all to herself.
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