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  1. SilverStar

    Anyone else go into lockdown on tax day???

    So i went into lockdown April 15th eeeek . I have 25 eggs in the incubator, 2 are quail and the rest are a nice mix from my flock. Anyone els with me? What are you hatching?
  2. SilverStar

    What makes a Cornish???

    I was just wondering what 2 breed Crossed makes a Cornish?? Thanks!
  3. SilverStar

    How well do roosters do at auctions??

    I hope i have posted this in the right thread! I have about 9 Roosters that i will be taking to auction next weekend. This will be my first time attending/entering a poultry auction. All my roos are mixed breed except for 1 , a buff O. . I was just wondering if roos sell as well as hens...
  4. SilverStar

    Questions About Cornish Chicks

    We just got some baby Cornish chicks March 11th. I have never raised Cornish before and i was wondering when i stop feeding them the medicated chick starter and on to the corn feed? Thanks everyone!
  5. SilverStar

    WOW!! I just did a final head count and.......

    I have 60 chickens. WOW!! I did not realize i was up to that many LOL!! I just had a very sucsessful hatch a few weeks ago wich brought my count up to 60. Who knows how many roos are in that bunch . I already have 10 roos so i will not be able to keep all the new little babies plus 60 is just...
  6. SilverStar

    She is a he (Update on Serama w/ Pics)

    I had one baby Serama chick hatch on July 3rd. I thought it was going to be a hen but turned out to be a roo. he is very sweet. Here he is
  7. SilverStar

    WOW!! 20 and counting???(PICS ADDED)

    i can't believe it. I set 42 eggs in the incubator. 8 were duds that i could see. so i was left with 34 questionable eggs. Some of the eggs were so dark that it was hard to tell but i just left them in anyway just in case. Well, 20 have hatched so far and there may be a few more on the way. I...
  8. SilverStar

    Should i bring her in?

    I have a little Cochin hen who has gone very broody. I believe she is not eating a drinking at all. I am a bit worried about her at this point. She just refuses to leave the nest. Should i bring her in the house with her eggs and put her in some sort of brooder? Or should i just let her be...
  9. SilverStar

    Serama "Sadie" (Pics)

    Hey everyone Just wanted to share a few pics of my Serama "Sadie" who hatched on July 3rd. I have no idea what color she will be, any ideas?
  10. SilverStar

    I think he is gonna be a BIG boy!!(Pics)

    Hi!! I have a Buff O roo that just turned 5 months old. He is pretty big. I was just wondering at what age they typicaly reach full maturity. ???here are a few pictures of him
  11. SilverStar

    Check out my new itty bitty Serama

    1 of my Seramas hatched on July 3rd She seems to be doing well so far.She is so adorable and i just love her already!!! Here is a few pics of her next to a baby Cochin. if she turns out to be a hen, i am going to name her "Sadie"
  12. SilverStar

    When should she be eating/drinkin???

    Hey all. I just put my 1 little baby that hatched yesterday eavening in the brooder about 1 hour ago. She is not interested in eating and drinking water at all. She is crying alot. Will it take a bit for her to start eating and drinking???? Thanks everyone!!!
  13. SilverStar

    Should i wipe it off???

    I just had a chick hatch a few hours ago. She still has some membrane on her back and some on her wing. It is starting to dry on her. Should i wipe it off??? or just leave it???? Thanks!!!
  14. SilverStar

    Help!!! I Don't Think She absorbed All The Yolk (pics)

    Ok.. my baby Serama was finnaly able to chip away at the last stubborn piece of egg and she made it out. The only think is i think she did not absorb all her yolk and there is a funny looking yellowish thing next to it. OMG! Will she make it.???
  15. SilverStar

    AHHH!!! When do i help???!!!

    One of the chickies started to pip about 9:00pm last night. He seems to be kinda stuck at this piont. When is it safe to help out??
  16. SilverStar

    It's Pipping, It's pipping Update pg. 2(PICS!!)

    Yay!!!! 1 of My Serama eggs is pipping, peeping, and moving! . I just had a really sad experience with my last batch of hatching eggs. I believe they just could not get out. I have 2 more eggs from another batch and 1 of them is pipping!! Ahhhh, and i had to leave to go to work today...
  17. SilverStar

    Please,Please, Please cross your fingers for me

    I just had a really sad experience with my very first set of hatching eggs. . I have no chickies i have a second set of eggs (2 eggs) due to hatch July 4th. I am so scared they won't hatch due to what just happend with my other eggs. Please cross your fingers for me and my eggs. Thanks so much...
  18. SilverStar

    I Think They Died in the egg! Please Help!!

    So it's day 25 for my eggs and nothing has happend yet. No pips, nothing. Day 21 i heard peeps but have not heard any since. I am sooo sad!! I think the baby chicks died in thier eggs beacuse they could not get out. Maybe the shells were to hard. They are still in the incubator. Anyone have...
  19. SilverStar

    Nothing's happening yet. Worried =(

    It's day 23 for my Japs and Cochin eggs. No pips yet. i heard them peeping on Sunday but have not heard them since. I believe my temp has been on the low side. I bumped it up a bit yesterday. Is is to late for them? Might they still hatch? thanks!
  20. SilverStar

    Just got a swamp cooler for the coop !!

    It has been in the hundreds lately here where i live. Today toped out at 105. my poor chickens have been so miserable. So my husband and i decided to get a swamp cooler for the coop. we lucked out and got one for $25.00. Nice! My chickens are sooo happy now! It works awsome! i would totally...
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