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    Temminck Tragopan's

    I'm sold out. Sorry!

    is it pisslbe to ship birds to trade them??

    generally speaking females are worth more than males, so you might find someone that would want two for one. Its usually best to get different genetics when you get males unless they are after them for feathers or for matching up with their females for sale as pairs..........

    Pheasant chicks eating chick starter?

    Chick starter OFTEN plugs up the digestive system of gamebirds and will KILL them. Speaking form experience, I wouldn't risk it. Pheasant starter is NOT hard to find. There is a reason why they sell both kinds.

    Pheasant pricing info: ?

    p.s. I don't deal with chicks so I have no idea what you will get. eggs run from 3-5 each, so I'd suspect chicks slightly higher. There is risk with shipping, so probably not much more.

    Pheasant pricing info: ?

    First year birds are from 20-30 depending on your stock. Beautiful breeders get about $40 each. Sometimes hens fetch a little more, but again it helps if folks know you are not just a backyard breeders and have put some time into genetics, culling etc. Time of year will effect prices. Fall...

    buying and selling

    I got an email from a gal about a brand new one, and its set up just like eggbid. Typical though, if there is no traffic, there won't be much for sales. I sell a lot of stuff offline, but I also like to research and buy birds. I signed up for ovabid. This place has...

    buying and selling

    Well since eggbid is gone, where is everyone going to go? I know there was talk on here BYC about auctions but is there very much pheasant traffic?

    White Eared, mikado, Impeyan, Koklass

    White eared dig like a banshee. They are large pheasants, and I keep mine in thier own large pen.

    Golden's rock

    Gorgeous aviary.

    Temminck's Tragopan Eggs

    Most likely infertile.

    Are pheasant eggs more prone to exploding?

    I've hatched and incubated thousands of them and never exploded ANY. I'm guessing you picked up old ones from last season and thenthe increased temp popped them.

    School me on Red Goldens please

    generally they shouldn't be housed together, but yes there are success stories. They do not need a coop, just a shelter. I feed regular pheasant food with lots of snacks such as ground corn, and food from the garden.

    golden pheasnat eggs

    Their egg color can vary. Generally Yellows are "whiter", but you can get some pretty white eggs out of Reds, and there can be great variance between birds.

    Price of peafowl

    I sold a 5 year old blue the other day for $200. He is in his prime right now. I really didn't want to sell him, but they wanted him.

    Will I get the chicks.....

    I guess you won't know until you call them. They are pretty specific about when they are sold out until. I have never used them, but its kinda convienent that you don't need to order 25 chicks as a minimium, though I don't think I'd ever ship less than 10.

    Pheasants breeding age??

    I see alot of discrepancies on that chart verus real life experience, though it is a cool chart.

    Egg question

    I would say it depends on if you are selling them to folks or trying to hatch them yourself. It is best to collect them several times a day for either, but more important for good conscience to do it if you are selling them. 50-55 is optimal, and anything outside of that will be less than...

    Is 6x10 big enough?

    Youcan keep a chicken in a 1x1 steel cage to lay eggs its whole life and it will lay just fine. You can keep a dog in a 2x3 steel cage where it stands in its own excrement all day, and it would still wag its tail and smile at you. It will be your choice how small a pen you want for your...

    silver pheasant ?

    Can be caused by inbreeding, injuries as mentioned above, and just plain Hatching issues....(not enough humidity, getting stuck in the shell and a late hatch) those kind of things.

    siamese firebacks

    Not sure if you found your firebacks, but there is a pair on eggbid right now. I think they are up to about 300
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