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  1. welovechickens

    Ducks darts around in circles

    There's a Rouen we've been feeding down at our creek for several months, and he often behaves very strangely. He'll get out in the deeper water when we arrive and start darting around, as if he's afraid of something in the water. Sometimes he'll eat first and then do it, other times he does it...
  2. welovechickens

    What happened to my chicken's toe?

    I was checking my hen's feet earlier and found an injury on one of her toes. I don't see any blood. It just looks like tissue came out and kind of dried up. I attached a couple pictures.
  3. welovechickens

    Bumblefoot Surgery

    Is there anyone in the Round Rock, TX, area who might be able to do a bumblefoot surgery on my EE? She's got it in both feet. We've removed the scabs and soaked her feet in epsom salts water, applied antibiotic ointment and wrapped with gauze/vetrap. Her feet are slightly swollen, but no redness...
  4. welovechickens

    Best worming medication for chickens

    My three girls are 7 months old now, laying like crazy, but today I noticed worms in a cecal dropping! They were very much alive. :sick What's the best wormer for what I assume are roundworms? I never had worm issues with my other chickens. Thanks,
  5. welovechickens

    Fleas in the yard, NOT on chickens, but on ME!

    I've been finding a flea in my clothing here & there, and bites in various places, mostly on my legs. There is no evidence of them in the chicken house or on the chickens, and none of our immediate neighbors have outdoor pets. It looks like we will need to treat our yard, but I need to know what...
  6. welovechickens

    Crazy, jealous bantam

    Is there any way I can get my bantam to stop attacking one of my other chickens? Cookie (Ameraucana) stood up to Baby (bantam) ONCE...and now Baby goes completely berserk, attacking Cookie if I let them out at the same time. Baby is just coming off of being broody; do you think that might have...
  7. welovechickens

    Bloody stool in two-week-old chicks, but they act fine

    Hi, I just got three Ameraucanas two weeks ago Thursday. I noticed occasional bits of blood in their stools after we brought them home, but since we feed medicated starter and they were acting fine, I didn't worry too much. Fast-forward to this morning. I found another bloody stool! Everyone...
  8. welovechickens

    Sick hen

    Hi, My 7-year-old Eater Egger hen, Biddy, is sick and I think is in pain. She has not laid in about 18 months. Her abdomen is large and very hard at the back. I'm pretty sure she's either got cancer or began laying internally awhile back, and it's coming to a critical point now. My question...
  9. welovechickens

    Weird "egg-white" eggs

    My EE has not laid a normal egg since she molted in the fall. She "lays" these every couple days and gets the nestbox all messy. She's 5 years old. Is her egg machinery worn out, or do I need to give her some kind of supplement(s)?
  10. welovechickens

    Godzilla's egg!

    Has anyone ever had an egg like this? My EE laid very nice eggs up until last fall, then she molted and stopped laying for awhile. She started laying again a couple months ago, but her eggs have all been soft. No shells. Today I opened the nest and found this gem!
  11. welovechickens

    SLW hen laying TOO often?

    I was busy this morning, but I went out to see my girls as soon as I got home in the afternoon. Under my SLW's roost, there was a thin-shelled egg, broken open. Tonight I went back to check on them after they went to bed, there there was another thin-shelled egg under her roost (broken open, of...
  12. welovechickens

    Hen seems "off". Help me speculate on what could be wrong!

    My SLW, Betty, has been "off" since Monday. Monday morning, I went and let her out as usual so she could run around the yard. I noticed she was unsteady on her feet occasionally. Since she has been molting, she hadn't been eating much at all. The last two times she has molted, she would almost...
  13. welovechickens

    Keeping chickens cool in this heat!

    Hi! We use misters for our chickens, along with frozen containers of water, to help keep them cool. Today we discovered that the temperature in the spray mist was 23 degrees COOLER than the air temperature! We have a small fan blowing the mist into one of our cages, and in that one the...
  14. welovechickens

    Mystery chicks! Take a look and help me figure out their gender.

    I got these two chicks from a friend. They're 10 weeks old tomorrow, and have been crowing since they were 2 weeks old! I'm not convinced that one of them is a roo, though. This one is the odd one out. I thought it was an Araucana at first because it doesn't have a tail stump, but it finally...
  15. welovechickens


    Ok, it looks like we have a flea problem. The chickens are NOT infested, as far as I can tell. I believe the culprit(s) are the neighbors on the side and back who both have dogs. My mom and I have found fleas in the bathtub twice, and this morning I found a flea ON me. I've had several spots on...
  16. welovechickens

    This is driving me crazy

    Hi, it's me again! My smaller chick is sneezing almost constantly today. He/she still eats, drinks and runs around, but isn't growing/developing feathers as quickly as the other chick. It's also still breathing very rapidly. I've been giving them baby-vitamin-laced water through a dropper...
  17. welovechickens

    Chick breathing hard - VIDEO ADDED

    My 5-day-old Ameraucana chick finally recovered from its extreme sleepiness, but now it's breathing hard all the time. You can see its throat and backside moving as it breathes. He/she eats, drinks, chirps and runs around happily, but the breathing is weird. The other chick (6 days old) breathes...
  18. welovechickens

    Very sleepy chick

    Hi, I have an Ameraucana chick that hatched mid-day Thursday. It seemed pretty weak until late the next day, but it's finally up and running around now. The weird thing is that it sleeps almost constantly. If it's not sleeping, it is standing up with its eyes closed. I am giving them some weak...
  19. welovechickens

    Strange Symptoms

    My Japanese Bantam has been acting funny today. She seems to be breathing a little harder than usual, and I can see her throat moving as she breathes. She has also been shaking her head, and she backs up a bit when she does it, like she's seen something strange. She has also been wiping her...
  20. welovechickens

    Are toads poisonous to chickens?

    Just wondering if toads are poisonous to chickens.....I know they are to dogs.
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