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  1. curliet


    Do y'all remember when I warned you not to go out to collect eggs, put the eggs in your pocket and then bend over to pick up something off the floor? Well, I'm warning you about that again, just in case you might have not been paying attention the first time, or forgot or something. Just sayin'
  2. curliet

    tongue in cheek rant about artificial trees

    I'm taking a break. My left eye is twitching. I can hardly hold my coffee cup because my hand is trembling. After several years of using the artificial prelit tree that we 'inherited' when my parents died, we had to send it off to the twinkling part of the landfill. I am allergic to...
  3. curliet

    I'm becoming seriously confused

    Alright, some of you know me well enough to know that there is always some confusion going on, but.... Anyway, I have these 2 chickens that both hatched on Father's day. Spot and SweePea. Spot was a really tiny black ball in the brooder, I wasn't sure s/he would make it, but has grown into a...
  4. curliet

    enemies forever?

    I have 5 hens left from my flock that I'm keeping, after rehoming all the rest. No. 1 (beautiful glossy black Americauna) is just 7 months old, squatting now, but no eggs yet. Nos. 2 & 3 (Auracauna and RIR mix) are just 6 months, starting to show some color changes but no squatting yet, and...
  5. curliet

    rehoming most of my small flock

    Well, Oct is done and here in MI it's getting cold. My flock of 12 hens and a roo has been living at our place in northwest MI for the summer, but after gun deer season we'll close this place up and be back in town again. For the last few years I've taken everyone (chickens) home with us...
  6. curliet

    finally, she squats!!

    My almost 6 month old young one, Ninja, pulled a squat yesterday when i went to reach for her. She's been a big mystery to me, all glossy black, feathered feet, fuzzy muffs on her face and the weirdest sound when she makes any. She kind of beeps like a red squeezie clown nose. I hadn't...
  7. curliet

    big chicken chickens!!

    Had weird thing happen the other day. I got here Thursday, late morning, unloaded my stuff, started a fire in the stove, let the chickens out, etc. Decided to go and visit with neighbor Will to let him know that we'd be here all weekend. I was gone for about 1 1/2 hours, and when i got back...
  8. curliet

    fainting chicken?? Weird stuff.

    This is something that actually has more than one component. I'll try to stay on topic, but...well some of you know me. I have a 2 1/2 yr old RIR that was having some problems with roosting. She's pretty heavy and I think that she fell off the roost and injured her hip a little. Still...
  9. curliet

    Haven't seen this question, maybe someone can help me...

    We live in Wyoming MI but have another place in northern lower MI. That's where my chickens are, and we go there every weekend and I go there on Tues or Wed and stay til Thurs night. One of our neighbors is a bear hunter, and he hunts with dogs. His dogs wear radio collars, and he drives...
  10. curliet

    another question that I feel like I should know the answer to

    The other day I asked when my broody mom would be ready to move her chick into the "big girls coop" You guys told me it would be any day, and sure enough, today they are in there. So, the next question is....all the chickens in that coop are eating layer crumble. I only have 1 chick right...
  11. curliet


    I'm having an issue with my next door neighbor. She is a really nice person, good neighbor and we've gotten along well for years, except for when it comes to this one thing. She's a cat lover. She has 6 of them that live in her house. It would be too many for me, but that's just me. I...
  12. curliet

    when are they ready to get back to normal?

    I have a chick that hatched 5 weeks ago. Mama has been taking her/him outside the broody run a little bit to get some grass etc and the other chickens have been coming around. No one seems to bother them, but Mama shoos the baby right back into their own pen if things get rowdy or there are...
  13. curliet

    Hens 'acting like' roosters

    Because I have a "stealth" situation with my chickens, I had to rehome my beautiful rooster, Tough Guy for the winter. Now that spring is trying to spring, my girls are doing the squat, and stopping right in front of me when I walk near them so that I almost step on them. I'm used to that...
  14. curliet

    first day of spring

    Yaaaaaay! Oh, but if you're in MI, don't look out the window.
  15. curliet

    cold, and fertile eggs

    We have coturnix quail in pens in our garage. We're in Mi, the midwest part of the state. It's been pretty cold here and we've started keeping a heat bulb on to keep the water from freezing. The bulb doesn't make it warm in the garage, but does keep it just above the freezing point. Is...
  16. curliet

    Young at Heart

    Did anyone see this special on PBS last night? Wasn't it cool?
  17. curliet

    Wyoming MI joins the fray

    My town, Wyoming MI, is now entering the chicken wars. I find those comments at the end of the article really interesting. Hard to believe how ignorant some people are, and how reluctant they are to...
  18. curliet

    just gotta say.....

    this may not be the right place to put this. If not, we need a place for praises and compliments. I just gotta say that I read this forum daily. And I never fail to find something that helps me, something new that I didn't know, something that I was going to ask about and now I don't have to...
  19. curliet

    chickens in Grand Rapids MI Here's another victory for us "Stealth Chicken" owners. At least I hope it turns out to be a victory. And I hope that it also influences the Wyoming (right next door to Grand Rapids) MI city commision to allow chickens as well.
  20. curliet

    Rick's quail eggs, big, small and varicolored

    The past week or so we've seen a variety of eggs from our quail pens. We got a very small one, a very large one and one that was a pretty shade of purple. And one that was light green. The purple one changed to brown overnight in the refrigerator, but after we took it out to take a pic of...
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