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  1. NovaChooks

    Sick duckling??

    One of my four saxony/appleyard ducklings are sick!! 😔 She just lays there, struggles to stand and seems very sleepy. If you walk by the cage the other three look at you an deep and react the way you would expect, she just lays there with her eyes closed. The others all seem fine. She will only...
  2. NovaChooks

    Saxony X Silver Appleyard Ducklings

    Hi! I'm going to be picking up 4 newly hatched ducklings on saturday from a farmer that are a cross between Saxony and Silver Appleyard. Does anyone have this mix or know what they may look like/what their temperament might be like when they reach adulthood? Also do these breeds require any...
  3. NovaChooks

    I found a wild duckling

    I found this little guy being attacked by crows. Three of them. Picking it into the air and dropping it again, baby duck would run for all it was worth and they would just keep catching it and repeating the process. I ran over and grabbed the baby before they could kill it. I watched for mama...
  4. NovaChooks

    Dwarf chick?

    I hatched some lavender orpington eggs one week ago today. All from the same flock and set the exact same time. One of the chicks had a hard hatch, really didn't think she would make it but she did. She was teeny tiny, much smaller than the others. I thought she might catch up once she started...
  5. NovaChooks

    Embryo death day 13ish

    I candled my eggs today (day 14) and all seem well except for one that wasnt moving, couldnt see the veins. It was obviously dead so i put the rest back and left that one out. I cracked it open and the poor thing was indeed passed but was formed. Had the little beak, toes, wings and even could...
  6. NovaChooks

    Are these air cells too small?

    Hey, this is my first attempt at hatching and im thinking these are too small for day 7 but im not sure? Wbat do you guys think?
  7. NovaChooks

    Able to hatch? Slightly misshapen

    I'm trying out hatching eggs for the first time in an incubator. I collected some of my own hens eggs and bought a dozen lavender orpington eggs from a local woman to put in as well. The eggs she gave me look a little misshapen and I'm wondering if they're still a viable hatch? They look a...
  8. NovaChooks

    Thoughts on cockerel breed?

    I was told he was an Easter egger when j bought him as a day old. But now that he's grown he looks nothing like one lol Thoughts? I think he looks closest to a copper marans. His chest is grey with single lacing around the grey feathers
  9. NovaChooks

    Crackle in breathing and sneezing

    I rescued a hen today because I felt sooo sorry for her. The owner had good intensions but the poor hen is in really bad shape. She had her living in her house cage free (gross) and her beak is overgrown as well as her nails. Her feathers are all twisted and look not well groomed at all. And...
  10. NovaChooks

    Bad Pic, but ideas on breeds?

    I just got these girls. They're mixes but I don't know what of. I think they're gorgeous no matter what breed but I am curious :love
  11. NovaChooks

    Got my first egg!

    This is my first flock and this is the first egg from this flock! My first ever egg! And she is a beaut
  12. NovaChooks

    Is this bumblefoot?

    I just got a new flock of hens and noticed when I got home that one of them probably has bumblefoot.... What do you think?
  13. NovaChooks

    Is he broken?

    My 4 month old Chantie cockerel has been crowing for a while now, but his crow is not normal lol Will he find his rhythm eventually, or is this just how his crow will be?
  14. NovaChooks

    Lynx attack

    My flock was attacked by a lynx Saturday morning. It took three of them before my white Chantie sounded the alarm and I ran out and scared it off with my dog. It got my two lavender orpingtons and my bantam cochin hen :( Poor babies. Pic below is of two of the survivors right after. And one...
  15. NovaChooks

    Bantam brahma

    Thoughts? I know with other chickens the pointy colorful feathers mean cockerel. But the brahma seem to be different with what I can see on the internet. I'm still thinking male but wanted to see what others said
  16. NovaChooks


    Hi all. I'm new to chickens and have a small flock of 6. I want to breed my chickens, keep some hens and then sell the other babies. My question is, if I breed my rooster to my hens and then keep a few of their daughters, the father will breed his own daughters. Is that common with chickens, or...
  17. NovaChooks

    Flock of...?

    Wondering if anyone has guesses for these guys/girls. I ready know the Chantie is a boy and the black one. But I have no idea what breed the black roo is. Orpington mix?
  18. NovaChooks

    Chantecler gender

    Any guesses on this chanti? He/she hatched may 17.
  19. NovaChooks

    Any ideas? Chantecler and Easter egger

    Any thoughts on the genders of these two? White (chirp) was sold to me as a chantecler and black and white (pip) was sold to me as an Easter egger. Chirp is 6 weeks old and massive compared to pip. Pip is a runt and feathering in super slow, it's painful waiting and looks like an awkward...
  20. NovaChooks

    Am I doomed?

    Hi there, I'm new here and to owning chickens. Being new I had no idea there was a risk for illness to be passed from chicken to chicken, I should have done my research better first :( I got a few chicks from a really sweet couple about 6 weeks ago. I went to their hobby farm and picked out...
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