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  1. mediazeal

    Splash Ameraucana Rooster - 5 months old

    5 month old Splash Ameraucana cockerel needs new home would love to not have to ship so that would mean Sacramento area pick up he seems to be a sweet boy so far
  2. mediazeal

    Bantam Chocolate Orpington Cockerels - 6 weeks

    I have one young gentlemen with the Chocolate Gene available for sale, $80/each. Good sized English Bantam birds and seem huge at 6 weeks so may be good candidates for breeding with LF stock to get that chocolate gene cross-over. Hatched Feb 2012. I will ship them at 8 weeks. I will sell them...
  3. mediazeal

    Distressed Cry all day, thought egg bound

    I have a 10 month old welsummer hen, named Cocoa. She has been normal today most of the day except she has been doing a repetetive 'caw' noise all day. First time I noticed it this morning was after I let them out (and she practiced her crowing) I found her on the nest cawing no egg came of it...
  4. mediazeal

    Barnevelder Trio (vB)

    I have a vB Barnevelder trio for sale. They are started, around 6-8 months old. Local pickup in the Sacramento area. I'd like to avoid shipping, but if I have to ship, you will have to pay shipping costs including the box. Trio = 1 cockerel, 2 pullets, of course. Beautiful birds. My vBs are a...
  5. mediazeal

    Bantam Chocolate Orpington chicks

    I have 4 Bantam Chocolate Orpington chicks hatched 1/27/12. And 3 more hatched 2/2/12. Local pick up only Sacramento area, $95.00/each
  6. mediazeal

    Chocolate Kisses due on Thursday!

    I have 6 developed bantam chocolate orpington eggs that are due on Thursday. My breeding pair, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Swirl (remember bullwinkle? "Mousse & Swirl") have just started giving me hatching eggs. First batch due in a couple of days. Color me very excited! I hope to have...
  7. mediazeal

    Hate the adds and reviews down the right side

    There is too much junk on the right side it compressed the forum which is why I'm here at all I imagine you are looking for ways to increase the revenue of the site but it is seriously harming the user experience takes a third of the screen it's awful banners across the top and bottom or a right...
  8. mediazeal

    Mites and Lice - Decomtamination hints?

    Of course I'm freaked out. I've been reading up on how to treat, what to treat with. Just looking for folks with experience on what worked since it is such a pain in the keister. Right now I am looking at spraying down about 70 chickens and 10 turkeys. Can northern fowl mites and lice transfer...
  9. mediazeal

    Feather Mites in my car

    ewwwwwwwww I transported some birds the other day and discovered after they were in my car that they had mites so the birds are all taken care of now but what do I do about my car? Birds were transported in it on Friday, just got in it to go run an errand and I found 5 little critters crawling...
  10. mediazeal

    Cat - what are my options?

    I just had my second chicken killed in about 6 months time by a neighborhood cat. I have not been able to yet find the owners. They are either not fessing up or it's at one of the houses that wasn't home on my first sweep. What might work? I live in a neighborhood, so no guns. I dont' want...
  11. mediazeal

    8+ Blue Ameraucana Eggs

    I have 10 Blue Ameraucana eggs and want to ship tomorrow; so 8 plus 2. These are splash roo over black hen so all blue chicks. Splash roo carries darker blue gene than black hen he is with We are getting very nice blue in second generation, B8 on the Ameraucana egg color chart.
  12. mediazeal

    8+ Blue Copper Marans Eggs

    I have 10 blue copper marans eggs, so 8 plus 2 I want to ship them tomorrow so very short sale! These are pure Wade Jeane line. BLue roo over 2 blue and 2 black copper marans hens.
  13. mediazeal

    Waiting for chick shipment - They're HERE **PICs**

    Edited to add: PICs on Page 2 --------------------------------------------------- This is the first time I've ordered a box of chicks. I'm of course worried about them. They shipped yesterday, it's 9am and no one has called me I dont' know how this works. It should say call for pick up on the...
  14. mediazeal

    6 Blue Copper Marans & 6 Barnevelders

    I have a half dozen Blue Copper Marans roo over Blue & Black copper hens I have a half dozen Barnevelder (KC/vB) will include extras no reserve Will mail priority mail Tuesday morning Pic of barnevelder hen Pic of blue copper marans hen
  15. mediazeal

    Broody Momma success!

    My ameraucana is the top hen and has been trying to sit on eggs multiple times in her short life. She's about 18 months or less. She was all hunkered down on the pile of eggs a few weeks ago (this had become typical) and I lifted her off after getting pecked and put her on the ground while I...
  16. mediazeal

    12 + Blue Ameraucanas & Black Ameraucanas

    I have a half dozen of each plus extras; so 7 at least from each breed pen. Blue Ameraucanas (BBS) from blue roo over blue hen. I love the egg color, nice blue. This breeding can hatch blue, black or splash chicks. Black Ameraucanas (BBS) These are black over black ams from Blehm stock...
  17. mediazeal

    Lavender Orpington Project 6+

    I have lavender orpington project eggs, 2nd generation. half dozen plus extras These are great layers. Mine lays at least 5 eggs a week, every week. Will ship on Tuesday. No reserve on the price.
  18. mediazeal

    Barnevelder Pair 7 wks vB lines

    LOCAL PICK UP ONLY - SACRAMENTO Picture is of hen from the same line as the parents. I admit it, I'm a hatchoholic. I dont' know what I was thinking! Ok, I was thinking they are gorgeous and I didn't want the eggs to go to waste. Now I have two 7 week old barnevelders (vB line), 1 male and 1...
  19. mediazeal

    Can they have bird seed, millet mix, wheat, BOSS as a treat?

    I can't find a definitive answer about birdseed (not from the bird feed, but bought just for the chickens) The gal at the feed store said chickens can have it but I wanted to check with you all are there dangers? thanks for your help
  20. mediazeal

    weird smell in my coop, visited by???

    Ok, I know you are all laughing now the weird smell is not poop I let the kids out last night when I got home from work for a little R&R around the yard. You would think it was Disneyland the way they charge out of the coop/pen When I went to close it up just as it was getting dark, the dogs...
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