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    buying and selling

    Well since eggbid is gone, where is everyone going to go? I know there was talk on here BYC about auctions but is there very much pheasant traffic?

    SCRAM Kitty!

    Not what you want hanging around the chicken coop.

    Colorful Beginnings

    Well, he's technically not a chicken but........

    Short on top

    Someone strayed too far away from the heat this winter and he froze his comb off......


    Why is this Ironic? I was "locked" in the bird pen trying to film one of my exotics for a project with my daughter, and this little lady walked by on the hill outside. Wonder what the bird thinks when she sees a human in a cage. It a little blurred because I shot it through the...

    Stinking MUTT

    Well the 25-06 is still shooting straight. I was out in my chicken house and all of a sudden abunch of birds came rushing in. (Slighyly alarmed) then I stepped out and I see my dog peering intently at something from her pen. I go investigate and I look over the hill to see a black lab...

    Blue Beauty

    Not sure where to share these at, but thought I'd throw them here since they are sort of in the pheasant category. Enjoy

    Favorite Rooster, Friend

    I had to put down a friend yesterday. My favorite rooster of all time. He was a blue cochin, the calmest kindest rooster I have ever encountered. Some of you might have even seen him in Country magazine with my daughter holding him. Fluffy was his name, not the most dignified, but what you...

    Bee Mine



    morning on the mountain.....

    Chicken Forum Illiteracy

    Is it called a lexicon, or a place to go to find out what all this stuff means. Sometimes its like you guys speak a different language. Like EE rooster, or OEGB. Some I have guesses for others it seems I am clueless. Do I need to ask on everyone or does this site have one of those...

    I have an ID for ya

    My dad got a batch of "rare" chickens from Murray Mcmurrays. I assume this is a purebred and not a cross. I thought it was a wyandotte at first but I don't think so. Anyone have an idea. Sorry the pics aren't the best.

    The Quiet

    The peacocks are FINALLY starting to quiet down. I have gone out there several times to throttle their necks, but they are always so pretty. I guess in a week or two I will get to collect all those feathers.

    Tragedy Averted! **Awesome Snake Photos**

    I went out to take some pictures of my new chicks and what did I see..... Sorry for the poor quality photo, I snapped and ran at the same time. I nailed him by his tail before any damage was done.

    Hi from Kikescove

    A friend just sent me a link to your site in an email. It looks fantastic and can't wait to browse through everything. I'm an administrator on another popular forum here in Washington and always give lurkers a bad time, so I figure I better just get logged in. We live out in the sagebrush...
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