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  1. Asgard Farms

    Rare Icelandic Chicken Eggs - Test Ship

    Rare Icelandic Chicken Eggs - Lyle Behl Line Would like to test ship 1 or 2 dozen eggs and see how they do. We have had good fertility this season with 2 100% hatches, would like to see how shipping & packing effects hatch rates Payment for shipping only $15 Priority Mail Do not PM to...
  2. Asgard Farms

    PiP Tonight

    the 1st egg from a Roo I hatched is PiPing I have not had the best of luck with hatching - how long to I let it zip before I step in and help? Daria
  3. Asgard Farms

    something took the eggs!

    So last night just before the sun set, everyone was up on their Roosts I noticed 2 eggs in the nest area of one of coops. Figured I would get them this morning and set them (they are fertile) I walk out there this morning and see an egg on the pool deck - OUTSIDE THE COOP! The shell was...
  4. Asgard Farms

    Little Giant Foam Incubator/Hatcher w/ fan added

    Like new Little Giant Used only a few times, got a new incubator and don't need it. PayPal Preferred Buyer to pay actual shipping
  5. Asgard Farms

    WTB: Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance

    used but in good condition, happy to pay for shipping
  6. Asgard Farms

    New Born Chick Bath?

    I had a bad hatch last night & this morning. only 1 chick survived (out of 13) bad thermometer and not enough humidity. the survivor has alot of dried slime on her. Do i give her a bath? Did the warm water paper towel thing just to get the really nasty parts off, but she is still not fluffing...
  7. Asgard Farms

    Looking for a Moderator, please

    Looking for a Moderator who can change my username for me - pretty please! Daria
  8. Asgard Farms

    looking for - Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance EX

    if anyone has one for sale -
  9. Asgard Farms

    Building your own hatcher

    I am thinking about taking my Hovabator apart and making a new Bator housing for it. Maybe add a fan Has anyone tried putting the heat source UNDER the eggs instead of over? with the fan either on the side or top to keep the circulation going. My thought is - heat rises Thoughts? Ideas?
  10. Asgard Farms

    Setting Today? May 3rd - Hatching Buddy's

    I just set my 2nd batch of eggs 1st was 6 Icelandic Chickens that were not shipped (2 did not develop) they are due to go on lockdown Sunday with hatch on Wednesday my 2nd is 13 Icelandic's that were shipped to me from Minnesota - that I set today When do you guys like to do your 1st candle?
  11. Asgard Farms

    Farm or Flock Web Page Design & Hosting

    Price includes web site design for your Farm or Flock (5 pages, additional pages $10 each) cost of your domain & registering of domain domain based email (2 addresses) editing of site at anytime hosting of all the above for 6 months (no refunds for partial months) no charge for PayPal Shopping...
  12. Asgard Farms

    Viking Chicken Coop Complete

    this is my new coop for my Icelandic Chickens detail of roof detail of window there is a diary of the construction on my BYC Page ~ enjoy
  13. Asgard Farms

    peafowl hatching eggs

    I would love to try hatching a few Peafowl eggs think they would be a fun addition to my yard
  14. Asgard Farms

    egg turner

    I need an automatic egg turner to store my eggs before setting does not need all the racks
  15. Asgard Farms

    Do you have Icelandic Chickens?

    I have started a project to make a Icelandic Chicken Family Tree @ If you have Viking Hens, please share the following information Your Name: Where/Who your Vikings came from: how large is your flock: optional - webpage: email addy: feel free to post the...
  16. Asgard Farms

    Icelandic Chickens

    Just wanted to share my pain. I was bidding on 8 fertile "Viking" Chicken Eggs and lost them in the last minutes. Does anyone else have some available? Daria
  17. Asgard Farms

    Brower Top Hatch Incubator Owners....

    I just got one used and have a question about the turner - Does it move the eggs all the time or just several times a day? thanks much Patti
  18. Asgard Farms

    what the heck are these?

    Went to the park for a picnic with friends and we had company. A bunch of these funny ducks. What are they?
  19. Asgard Farms

    Bell County - Belton, TX Chickens

    I started a group on facebook for Bell County TX Backyard Chicken Owners It would be nice to get together once and a while and swap chicken stuff and stories Bell County Backyard Chickens hope to see some of you there Patti
  20. Asgard Farms

    black copper marans cockrel/rooster

    Looking for a BCM Roo for my girls I have some pretty bossy hens so not a little guy but not an old man either. Located in Cental TX
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