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  1. cindylo

    About Going to Roost for the Night- Are My Girls Slow - Or is it ME?

    We've got a problem. The "run" is a 10X10 ft dog run with a tarp roof. 3 RIR's have a small "habitat" chicken house on one side of the run and my 3 games have a similar habitat on the other side. Both haver nice roosts, pine shavings and two good nesting boxes each. All of the girls who lay...
  2. cindylo

    Feather Picking Meanie!

    Hi, I've got 3 RIR pullets now laying - hatched in February, and 3 game pullets - one laying - hatched in March or April. The games were introduced to the reds in August. Since then a new RIR pecking order has developed with a new gal taking over the top spot. (There are no roos as they're...
  3. cindylo

    Please Help - it might be Merecks - or maybe not?

    Hello chickendocs, My 3 1/2 month old RIR pullet is ill, but appears to kind of be on the mend. Three days ago I found her in the coop on her side unable to move. I brought her out into the yard and cleaned her pooey tailfeathers, then fed her water with a dropper. I brought her inside and...
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