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  1. chicklin

    I have a question about....

    Hi yall!!! I have a question about how to keep my chickens water from freezing up...It got down to 26 degrees here this morning and I am trying to find a solution on how to keep my chickens water from being frozen each mornin...Any suggestions will be helpful....thanks!!!!!!
  2. chicklin

    CONTEST: 50,000 BYC Members? Guess Right & Win $20 Gift Cert or GFM

    BYC will have 50,000 members on 8\\9\\10!!!!!
  3. chicklin


    thanks for all the help!!!
  4. chicklin


    oh, i was just wonderin if there could be any other possibility of something else
  5. chicklin


    are you sure that would be the only explanation
  6. chicklin

    Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

  7. chicklin


    Hi all, I have a question. Why do chickens tail feathers fall out? One of my realitives asked me and wanted me to find out. Any help will be appreaciated!
  8. chicklin

    My new waterer

    how do they drink from it and get the water out :)
  9. chicklin

    Powdery egg????

    that's odd. wat do you mean by a powdery feel. is it just soft and slick or something?
  10. chicklin

    Eggs getting squished. Any ideas?

    let us all know how it turns out!!!
  11. chicklin

    Broody chicken is leaving her eggs!

    If I remember correctly..... You need to wait probly about three days and candle the eggs to see if they are duds or not. If they are fertile you should see veins spread out in the egg. If they are duds you'll probly see no veins and just a normal egg with a yolk inside it
  12. chicklin

    1st Egg! Olive Green! yay!! Finally!<updated with pics>

    AWSOME!!!! We have gotten our third egg today!!!!!!!!
  13. chicklin

    My First Molt ! dots of blood ?

    maybe you can see pindrops of blood because that is where the feathers have probly fallen out and perhaps you are seeing the very base of where the feathers had each been before they fell out(sorry if my wording is confusing)
  14. chicklin

    My First Molt ! dots of blood ?

    how cold does it get where you live?
  15. chicklin

    Tiny eggs

    is the hen new at laying eggs or has she been laying eggs and is just now laying small ones? one of our hens has just laid their first egg today and her egg is small i guess because she is new to laying eggs
  16. chicklin

    ~got Our First Egg Today~

    The egg was by the waterer outside the chicken coop ( guess she didn't make it to the nest box ) It was a small egg but hey a egg is better than no egg
  17. chicklin

    ~got Our First Egg Today~

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After waiting about four years,( i mean months LOL) we finally have our first egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else get their first egg today?!!? Oh ,the little things that make you jump for joy!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. chicklin

    Train a chicken to lay eggs in certain place?

    :)Well woopsadaisy:) I thought that meant they were bout redy to tackle somebody
  19. chicklin

    Train a chicken to lay eggs in certain place?

    REFLEX1957, are the ones that do a little weird sideways walk and drop one wing down to the side roosters? If they are, that may mean that they are ready to spur you so I'd watch my back. My roosters would walk kinda funny at me and drop down one wing sometimes when they'd walk towards me.
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