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  1. mellissa

    Janoel 24 vent

    Hi, I’ve had my janoel 24incubator vent closed for first 15 days. There has been condensation on sides. I have added 150ml of warm water daily. The current external temp is from 8 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius. Instructions not clear on when to open vent. Can anyone help?
  2. mellissa

    Pekin rooster killed hen

    My daughter has Pekin bantam rooster and 3 Pekin hens currently in moultThe rooster has been pecking hens around eyes for several days now. This morning the top hen (18mths) was dead and eye missing. Can rooster go crazy?
  3. mellissa

    Limping cockerel

    Hi, Cockerel jumped from 4 foot height onto hard ground at 10 weeks. He’s now 12 weeks and spends most of days laying though can still run fast but mostly limps short distance then lays down. No Bumblefoot. I think he’s injured tops of legs. Is this fixable or is it for life.
  4. mellissa

    Broody Hen won’t feed chick starter to chicks

    my Hen won’t feed her chicks starter feed, grains or cracked corn She will feed them steamed veg, porridge with apple cider vinegar, cooked egg, bread, grapes, human food in other words. The chicks look more like 4 weeks than 8 weeks though they are active and appear healthy. Any advice on diet...
  5. mellissa

    Taming leghorn rooster

    Hi, I bought very handsome white leghorn that hasn’t been handled. I would like to show him.does anyone know how to tame a very flighty 12 month old large (very large) leghorn Cockerel/Rooster. He’s not aggressive just scared. Would love to show him. If I can just get him to settle.
  6. mellissa

    Blue runny poo.

    pullet just dropped this at the door. Never seen a poo like this. Anyone know what this is?
  7. mellissa

    New leghorn chicks from blue pen

    hi I’ve hatched several batches of blue, black and splash leghorns. This hatch however is showing red on some chicks? No red seen before though using blue cockerel I bred from correct black PB leghorn rooster. Any guesses on what colour they may turn out?
  8. mellissa

    Is this a silver partridge pekin bantam

    Is this silver partridge or different colour
  9. mellissa

    Pekin bantam hen can’t swallow and froth in mouth

    4 yo pekin hen has had difficulty for past couple of months swallowing things she’s eaten for years, grapes, peas etc and we’ve had to remove food from mouth because she was choking and couldn’t breath. This morning she couldn’t swallow at all. Any food she’d eaten she would flick out with...
  10. mellissa

    Pestene not working

    I can’t beat the poultry lice. I have been cleaning coops replacing bedding spraying with surface spray, dusting weekly with pestene, have also tried ag lime raked around pen and coop. Have now got rid of wild pigeons entering pen coop area though chooks free range during the day. All I seem to...
  11. mellissa

    Sexing black Orpington 3 weeks

    Hi I got given some Orpington eggs only one hatched. I’m not familiar with orps as I only raise leghorns. Anyone know what sex this chick is? I’m leaning towards cockerel but as I said not familiar with Orpingtons.
  12. mellissa

    Leghorn with bubbly earlobes

    My 2 year old leghorn rooster started developing these lumps about a year a go. It started with one and gradually got more and more. No other birds have been affected in the flock. I’ve seen it in leghorn roosters before but not sure what it is and if you can get rid of it?
  13. mellissa

    White Leghorn yellow tinge

    hi all My lovely white leghorn has slight yellow tinge. Tried washing twice in white dog wash. Any sure fire way to get rid of yellowing?
  14. mellissa

    Black leghorn cockerel

    Purebred black Leghorn cockerel. His long tail feathers are coming back through after being pulled out by dad. Now separated. I consider this boy to be exhibition quality. Opinions from other members would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. mellissa

    Black leghorn cockerel

    Hi can I get general feedback on my black leghorn cockerel. Please note long curled tail feathers are coming back after being pulled out by dad. Is he show quality?
  16. mellissa

    Chicken with infected eye

    Help, my old head chook got into fight with young rooster and came off second best. Has extremely swollen eye. I have been applying chlorsig ointment (for conjunctivitis) with no improvement. Any ideas?
  17. mellissa

    Cuckoo pekin roo or hen

    Hi Just brought this pekin is it a cockerel? Hasn’t crowed yet, though has largish comb 18-20 weeks.
  18. mellissa

    Lame pekin pol

    To all who read previous thread re lame pekin chicken not mareks. Her results were negative to mareks. Then we thought maybe trauma and now it seems to be genetics. Unfortunately we had her put down by vet today. On external examination the hen had failed to develop leg muscles, internal post...
  19. mellissa

    Lame pekin bantam NOT MArEKS

    hi everyone, Here’s a puzzling condition with young pullet. Blood test results were negative to Mareks. Pekin bantam has been shuffling since 8 weeks old. Her legs splay when put on Lino or slippery surface. She has normal droppings is eating and drinking. She can not walk and flaps around a...
  20. mellissa

    5 week old Pekin cuckoo sex

    Hi, This little fella is supposed to be rooster but at five weeks looks like pullet. Appreciate your thoughts.
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