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  1. FunQuail

    Is my drake sick? Green Poop?

    Hey everyone! I've noticed the last two weeks give or take, my drake River in the morning usually just stands around looking hunched. I thought since it has been chilly he was just cold. But since everyone else was playing and splashing I took notice. Yesterday morning he went poop and I looked...
  2. FunQuail

    Is this really bumble foot?

    Hey, I picked off the black scab some but no pus?
  3. FunQuail

    Can I use this ointment for Aspen’s bumblefoot?

    Hi, My duck has bumblefoot. I’ll post pics of her foot later. We are close to being out of Neosporin. I’m about to head out and soak, wrap her feet again.
  4. FunQuail

    2 Pet Drakes for free

    Hello, I have 2 hybrid white layer drakes for free. I want them to go to a good home where they will be cherished and live long healthy lives. They are very healthy and are ornery but good boys. Their names are Skylar and Alaska and they are both very healthy and eat a balanced diet with many...
  5. FunQuail

    Can I introduce African Geese with my Duck flock?

    Hi, Is it possible to get African Geese to help protect my ducks? I was planning on 3 females. Would this work? Would they let my ducks know if there is danger? They would be staying with my 8 ducks, 7 girls 1 boy. Would they get along? Thank you, Kelly
  6. FunQuail

    Duck Pool Filtration System

    Hello, I was wondering, what have you all used for a filter for your duck pools? How big for 8 ducks should a pool be? Thank you, Kelly
  7. FunQuail

    R.I.P Serafina I will miss you

    Hello everyone, My ducks and I lost a wonderful member of our flock to a bald eagle this weekend. She was truly an amazing duck and will always have a special place in my heart. R.I.P Serafina May 7 2020 - November 20 2020 She was just 28 weeks old :hit I have been only doing supervised...
  8. FunQuail

    Hybrid White Layer History? Info?

    Hey! I'm trying to write about my ducks and I can't find much of anything about who created the hybrid white layer or what country they originate from. Also one more thing my girl HWL's as they got older they have speckled black dots on their bills while my boys don't. Anyone else have this...
  9. FunQuail

    Is this the start of bumblefoot?

    Hi! My other drake River had a cut on his foot. We sprayed iodine on it and he seemed better so we backed off spraying. I decided to catch him today and check. Now it’s a bit swollen and looks a little like bumblefoot. It doesn’t appear to have a core and is pretty soft. The second pic is the...
  10. FunQuail

    What’s wrong with Skylar’s bill?

    Hi! One of my drakes Skylar his bill is peeling. It first started off looking like someone had bit his bill and Bruce it so I thought it would heal but this is been going on now for about two months. I will include pictures. Is it a deficiency? Is it keratin deficiency? I have sweet potato how...
  11. FunQuail

    One of my ducks is limping.

    Hi there! Iris my welsh harlequin girl has been limping off and on for about two weeks now. No bumblefoot, but we’ve been spraying her feet with iodine spray just to make sure it wasn’t because of a cut or something. It’s part of the reason I want to put b complex in their water to see if...
  12. FunQuail

    How much b complex in 5 gallon container for 9 ducks?

    Hi! I need to use up this cattle b complex anyway and it wouldn’t be terrible for them to have some. Any advice appreciated! Kelly
  13. FunQuail

    How should I do this? Bees

    Hey everyone! :frow We have some old bee hives that are falling apart and I don't think they will survive this winter. I know I'm kinda cutting it close but I want to help the bees. How would I do that? Can you set up the base and hive bodies and supers right next to where their old hive was...
  14. FunQuail

    How to stop algae from growing in my duck waters?

    Hi! So my duck waterers keep growing algae and it’s getting clogged so the water can’t go out. What do I do about it? Is there something you can put in the water that won’t hurt the ducks but keeps the algae from growing? Thank you! Kelly
  15. FunQuail

    Do drakes ever get along?

    :frow Hi, I have 2 groups. My 9, 8 girls and River (boy). Then my 2 drakes Alaska and Skylar have their own pen and stay in it all the time. I've tried to get them integrated for the winter and then probably going back to the 2 boys being separated. But Alaska and Skylar fight with River and the...
  16. FunQuail

    How to get hen back with flock

    Hi! One of our hens (Rhode Island Red is the breed) jumped over the fence and was attacked by our dog. She had a big gash on her side. We put her by herself in an old chicken tractor. Penny’s wound was covered in skin and only needed to grow feathers by May 18th. She got wounded April 17th. It...
  17. FunQuail

    Should I be concerned?

    Hi So I was reading about duck treats and was reading about apples and how the seeds are toxic. My ducks are in our orchard and we have apple trees and some apples have fallen on the ground. I didn’t worry about it because I didn’t know about the seeds and I thought apples were safe for them to...
  18. FunQuail

    Aspen laid her first egg this morning!

    Hi :frow I’m pretty excited! Aspen’s first egg. :celebrateYou can eat the first one they lay, right? And what are the speckles? I tried to wash them off and it didn’t really do anything.:confused: She’s a Hybrid White Layer. Thanks!:D Kelly
  19. FunQuail

    How do I get my 8 week old ducks to accept my 4 week old ducklings

    Hi, I’ve been trying to integrate River and Iris (welsh harlequins) in with Aspen, Skylar, and Alaska (2 hybrid white layers, Alaska unknown right now). But Skylar and Aspen want nothing to do with River and Iris. They have been attacking and peking them. They do this weird raise their feathers...
  20. FunQuail

    New Baby Girls!

    Hi! :frow We got 5 blue Swedish and 1 more hybrid white layer and we will have had them a week tomorrow. Here are pictures of the 6 little girls and Iris, River, Aspen HWL, Skylar HWL, and Alaska and we are not sure if Alaska is a boy or girl or what kind yet. Hope that Alaska is a girl...
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