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    Looking for show quality bantam blue mottled, black mottled or splash cochins. Looking for adult stock.
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    Can you link to the auction sites at BYH- create just one big auction site?
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    Without proxy bidding, it is pretty clear that those of us who work will not be winning many auctions. I understand that the "move"takes precedence, but how soon will the auction be up and running? Any time frame at all.There is a lot of FB discussion about where to move the auctions to, if...
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    The primary reason I visit BYC is for the auctions as well. Sorry to see it go.
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    German White Angora Rabbit Fleece

    White angora rabbit fleece.approximately 7 oz. Very soft, fine and clean.
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    Breeding Pair of Registered Champion Colored Angora Goats

    Pepper is a proven buck, he is paired with Africa a proven doe. Both have been champions in the show ring, they carry fine fleeces and are conformationally correct. Africa is bred to our best buck Mocha. For more information please visit
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    temperature variations with a dickey

    I set the temperature as indicated for my new Dickey. It seems to vary quite a bit by about 1 degree plus or minus. I re-calibrated it once. Is this normal and should it be a concern for the eggs?
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    ***Beautiful Bearded Buff Silkie Cockerel***

    what happened to the splash boy?
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    Dickey Incubator with 3 incubating trays and hatching tray

    Brand new Dickey incubator put together and temperaure adjusted. Electronic thermostat, full acrylic door, autoturn. Local pick up only please. Incubator is located in Ashtabula Ohio.
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    Silkie thread!

    Has anyone marketed extra silkies as meat birds in ethnic circles? How about the eggs? I have read both are regarded as having health benefits. If so I would love to hear how you did it.
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    "Fixed" dog is in heat!

    It's possible she has retained ovarian tissue. The best way to determine this is with an exploratory surgery, it is easiest to find that tissue when they are showing active signs of heat.There are also other reasons that you could see blood- urinary tract infection, and other less likely things...
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    Cornish Thread

    My son is going to enter meat birds at the state fair. We have been discussing breeds and would like to enter something other that the typical crosses. ( Last year he took Rosmabros- organic/pasture raised chickens to the county fair). Is it reasonable or possible to take the standard white...
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    ease of humidity regulation in incubators

    I am just wondering how easy it is to initially regulate the humidity of a sportsman? Is there a lot of monkeying around and testing? The surcom is fully automatic.
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    ease of humidity regulation in incubators

    I am looking for a good quality incubator. I am borrowing a suro right now. It is so easy set it and go. I also have a hovabator and still do not have the humidity regulated after two days. How difficult is it to get the humidity correct in a sportsmen or a dickey?
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    Cochin Thread!!!

    Are Lemon Blues a recognized color?
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    Ohio National-Who's going?

    I am looking for black silkie roo, mottled cochin roo ( blue or black).
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    Cochin Thread!!!

    I see Joe Mazur winning at all the major shows. Has anyone ever purchased birds from him?
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    looking for sportsman, dicky or rcom incubator.
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    Which incubator to buy?

    I am looking for an incubator. I will be hatching cochin, silkie and maybe some delawares. We have a cheapy incubator from TSC, and have had rotten luck. I want it to be as automatic as possible. Quality, ease of use and best hatching rate is more important than cost.( you only turn 40 once and...
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