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  1. k2panman

    We’ve got a coop with a million of these live or mites?

    Here are some close up photos of our pests. We were gone for 2 weeks and came back to a real mess. We have 7 chickens, a predator proof coop with an automatic door, 5 gallon bucket feeders and water buckets with the tickle nozzles. They free range on 5 acres. When we got home, besides having 2...
  2. k2panman

    Should I change her name from Henski to Rooski?

    We have a Gold Laced Polish, Henski, that is 5½ months old. She has been crowing the last few mornings. We have no roosters but have a neighbor ¼ mile away that has fighting cocks - they crow day and night. Henski has also been trying to mount our other hens. We have no roosters (I hope). She...
  3. k2panman

    Black hard lesions all over pullet’s head

    We have Henski, a 5 month old Gold Laced Polish pullet that has a cough, has shook her head and slung snot, and has black, hard crusty growths on her waffles and around her eyes. She was walking around with her mouth open. She is part of our daytime free range flock (they have a luxury suite...
  4. k2panman

    Who’s my mama? Who’s my daddy?

    My name is Henny Penny. I’m 2 years old, the last survivor on this mac nut farm near Waiohinu, Hawaii. My caretakers (newbies who inherited me - I came with the farm) think I may be a Golden Japanese Phoenix. There seem to be a lot of feral chickens on this island who look a lot like me. What do...
  5. k2panman

    What is the best shape for a roost?

    Is there one shape that's better than others for a roost? I've seen some who use 2x4s - but do chickens prefer to stand on something that is rounded, or is flat better? How do you really know (has anyone asked their chickens? - have they given you an answer? :-P
  6. k2panman

    Here's my tractor/coop design - suggestions wanted!

    Ok, been reading BYC, looked at 100+ coops here - thanks to all who have taken the time and effort to post photos and explain their designs. Hard to imagine getting into chickens without all of you at BYC! Mahalo! I've come up with a design that I think will work for our first coop. I need...
  7. k2panman

    Is Corry's Slug & Snail Killer (snail bait) harmful to chickens?

    Here in Hawai'i we have many huge (2 inch long 1 inch wide) slugs and big 2 inch snails. They seem to be everywhere. They are the intermediate host for Rat Lungworm disease, a sometimes fatal disease in humans. We don't want to get infected. We are planting a garden, and have dug up dozens...
  8. k2panman

    two layers of 2"x4" electrified mesh?

    I'm thinking about building my first chicken coop - a newbie to chickens, but I've been doing a lot of reading here on BYC (Mahalo nui loa to everyone who contributes here - fantastic information!) I have built houses, parts for rocket ships, etc, and have lots of tools, so construction is not...
  9. k2panman

    Where do we get fertile eggs or chickens on the Big Island, Hawaii

    Aloha, we want to start raising a few (12 or less I'm thinking now) chickens in June. We'll be living near South Point, on the Big Island, Hawai'i. We are newbies to chickens, and would like to find a local source to get some birds to start a flock. Does anyone on here sell fertile eggs (we...
  10. k2panman

    Aloha from the Big Island of Hawai'i

    Aloha, we live on the Big Island and will soon be moving down by South Point (Waiohinu area). I've been around chickens for many years (neighbors had chickens but all I did was gather eggs, also lived with chickens in our garage (don't ask) for 7.5 years in Key Largo), but I've never had my own...
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