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  1. lizakn

    Comment by 'lizakn' in article 'Our Coop Inside The Barn'

    We don't have rats...mice we have seen in the barn. The chicken wire is just there for right now because we needed to get the chicks in the coop, as I couldn't stand to have them in the brooder any longer!!! lol We are actually going to be putting tin over the chicken wire.
  2. Our Coop Inside The Barn

    Our Coop Inside The Barn

    So when we decided to get 12 baby chicks....we started thinking where we would put the coop! We knew it was going to go inside our large 150 year old barn...but we just were not sure where inside the barn it would go. We had thought about just putting them in one of the stalls...but we use the...
  3. lizakn

    Comment by 'lizakn' in article 'Amennings Chicken Coop'

    Love this! I'd like to build something like this. We have a 150 year old barn, and part of it fell in last year....I think a barn like this is just what we need & we can use the old barn board we have to build it! Well done :)
  4. lizakn

    Comment by 'lizakn' in article 'Raising Your Baby Chicks'

    Great info! We have 12 chicks coming May 23rd...and I am reading & learning as much as I can!
  5. lizakn

    Comment by 'lizakn' in article 'Winter-Coop-Temperatures'

    We are just starting to build our coop now...we have 12 baby chicks coming next month. This is our first time raising hens, so we are very excited...yet need all the information we can get! We live in NB, Canada....and even though this past winter was VERY mild...other winters we haven't been so...
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