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  1. JordanFamily

    Ayam Cemani The All Black Chicken. Day old chicks

    Ayam Cemani Straight run chicks. I ordered a couple dozen eggs I will be hatching out around the 4th of October. I’m only keeping a couple and will be selling the rest. These are $50 each. Original stock is a mix of FLF and GFF lines that are on their 5th season ongoing project of keeping only...
  2. JordanFamily

    White Peafowl Pair. Peacock and hen 2.5 yrs old

    I have dropped their price to $500 for the white pair.
  3. JordanFamily

    I have a pied Male IB. $300 discounted price

    I have dropped his price to $200. Thnx
  4. JordanFamily

    Pair of white peafowl. Also a Pied Peacock

    $500 wanted for my available white pair. Near Archie, MO 2.5 yrs old. Female is already a Good layer and I hatched out several chicks from them. Male will display right next to you, not shy like some can be. Nice pair. Pic was in spring. Male has dropped train now so is now easier to transport...
  5. JordanFamily

    Sonja Violetta - Connerhills.

    Here is my young violetta pied cock next to my young IB pied cock so people can see the difference in those two colors... Pics were taken seconds apart at same angle. I know... it’s fall so no trains and they are young... Will get more pics in the spring. But it is good to see what the color...
  6. JordanFamily

    I have a pied Male IB. $300 discounted price

    2.5 yr old dk pied male. On sale for $300. He had a cut down one leg from another male this past spring so does walk with a small limp but does not slow him down. It’s barely a limp and he is a very good breeder. But since not perfect I have taken a little off his price. I live near Archie, MO...
  7. JordanFamily

    White Peafowl Pair. Peacock and hen 2.5 yrs old

    I have a nice quality white pair of peafowl. $800. I live near Archie, MO. Tina 816-682-0265
  8. JordanFamily

    Anyone ever have a chick that hatched out and only opens it eye a tiny bit?

    Other eye is fine but one won’t open all the way. It can open it a little but doesn’t seem like it’s slit is all the way open? What do y’all think? Also posted pic of good eye. Do you think it will fix itself? Chick hatched out hours ago.
  9. JordanFamily

    Peafowl 102: Advanced Housing and Accessories

    I would love to have grass but that is not going to be possible. I am having a 40x40 building pole barn type built and the workers are going to create a muddy mess and kill any grass and the area is thin grass not great soil, lots of clay... so grass is not going to be possible. Anyone use...
  10. JordanFamily

    Peafowl 102: Advanced Housing and Accessories

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with chat or sand as outside run ground cover? I’m making a large enclosure that can be divided up for my breading trios and want a ground cover that won’t turn to straight mud in a year of use.... was thinking thick layer of chat or sand, spot clean...
  11. JordanFamily

    Home made Chick Jello ANY IDEAS?

    So I have sav-a-chick brand electrolyte packet and sav-a-chick probiotic packet. Both packets say dissolve in a gallon of water... my question is: Can you put both in the same gallon and use it some how to make something like grogel? I’m wanting a jello consistency to put in with shipped...
  12. JordanFamily

    Purple, IB, solid, split white, Pied, and White Peachicks, Peacocks, Peahens for sale

    We are located near Archie, MO. Pick up only at this age. Newly hatched unsexed peachicks in many different colors. $65 each if you take 4 or more. Or $75 each for less. No shipping, pick up only. We are about an hour south of Kansas City. Please only text. I do not get my pm online messages...
  13. JordanFamily


    That was my guesses as well. 😁 Thank you so much for your guesses.
  14. JordanFamily


    Im sorry but in all my years on this forum It has been assumed if a person does not give an actual color on peafowl before the pattern it is assumed IB is the color. I only have one purple cock. My others are 2. white, and 3. IB pied. I will change the description to include IB.
  15. JordanFamily


    Soooo I’ll give you the colors of my adults so you can get an idea of possible offspring colors... Then will show pics of each chick.... THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR EXPERIENCED GUESSES!!! All birds are in one enclosure so any cock can be the daddy of any chick... 😁 PEACOCK DADS: “White” “Purple...
  16. JordanFamily

    Stupid me!!! Put peafowl in lock down to early!!! HELP!!!

    So I put lock down on day 18 on my calendar and put my peafowl eggs in lock down 2 days ago! Then realized today day 21 when I candled them and noticed air cell looked too small that they are not chicken eggs!!! Duh!!! Like I Haven’t been doing this for years!!! So they have not been turned at...
  17. JordanFamily

    Wanted! Frizzle feathered pure polish bantams

    I would be interested in WC khaki, or chocolate bantam polish that have frizzled feathering. I would be interested in a Rooster or a few hens with the frizzle gene so I can get frizzle in my bantam polish flock. Possibly straight run chicks if you know they are frizzle also ok... I would not...
  18. JordanFamily

    please post some pics of your peacocks

    I love the brightness of the IB .... Seems we can play with the colors but nothing is as bright and beautiful as what Nature has done on its own... Here are some of my birds. Purple and white cocks and IBPied cock with some girls : White: Purple and a IB Pied cocks: IB Pied cock :
  19. JordanFamily

    Frizzled Bantam polish pair

    I know your post is old but I am looking for a bantam size frizzled Polish rooster in Khaki or chocolate. Would you have any? If not older rooster How about chicks or eggs? I want to get frizzled into my back yard Choc/khaki polish flock. Thnx
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