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  1. new2thischick

    Yes My Hen is Crowing.

    I had the unfortunate experience of having my rooster that we raised from a hatchling die. It was an unexpected death. He just one day got weak and the next day passed. He was only 2 yrs old. However within a week of him passing, one of our 6 yr old Orpington/Black Polish hens started crowing. I...
  2. new2thischick

    How to Foster new babies with Broody.. HELP?!?

    My daughters 2nd grade had eggs hatch on Mothers Day. We put the babies in the coop under a wire mesh cover. Well apparently this kick started the hormones in 2 of my ladies (Thing 2 & Mini). So I asked the neighbor for some fertilized eggs.. she gave me 12. I thought perfect! Well Thing 2 broke...
  3. new2thischick

    Chicken seems a little drunk.

    We can't find any sign of injury. She just can't seem to keep her balance. Her legs look fine. Her poo is normal, eyes look good, comb bright red.. drinking and eating.. even attempting to forage. We give them organic feed and let them free range in the afternoons. Could it be neurological. When...
  4. new2thischick

    New to this chick thing.. still

    Second round of baby chicks.. We have 4 One year old Hens.. and we have five 4-5week old chicks.. I would love to search through the forum and find the answers but with a 3 month old and 2 year old running around I just have to ask.. First: What temperature do they need to have.. like what is...
  5. new2thischick

    Aggressive Rooster.. kind of ??

    So after dealing with having five roosters and getting it down to one.. I have come across a problem.. He is a very sweet guy.. but to my father in law and my 2 yr old he jumps up and hits their back.. He doesn't do it to me or my 6 yr old or our dog.. or my husband.. Is there anyway I can...
  6. new2thischick

    Roosters and Hens Question.. Behavior.

    So.. a little bit of info. We are new to raising chickens, my daughters kindergarten class hatched eggs for science. A friend of ours gave her class 9 fertilized eggs and a neighbor gave 3. In June we had 9 chicks come home with us. Eight of which were from the friend, half Buff Orpington, half...
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