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  1. new2thischick

    Second Round

    Here we go again. The day we took our Roo (Slick) to the feed store we picked up 6 chicks. 2 BO, 2 RIR, & 2 BLK Sex Links.. Unfortunately one of the BSL's didn't make it.. It just wouldn't eat & the other chicks were pecking at it. I did all I could but she died in the night. My oldest...
  2. new2thischick

    New2thischicks Member Page

    Hi.. So where to start. In late March early April 2010 my daughters kindergarten class had asked for some fertilized eggs to be donated for hatching. It was going to be a science experience... not experiement. We asked a neighbor and he gave us 3 fertilized eggs. During a Bday party we noticed...
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