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  1. ethingtonart

    Flock needs to be rehomed

    I have a flock of 18 chickens, 5 male and 13 female, that needs a new home. I am moving after my divorce and won't be able to take them with me. They range in age from 2 to 8 years old, though most are from 2 to 4 years old. Breeds are Ameraucana, Easter egger, light Brahma, black australorp...
  2. ethingtonart

    Help with rescue! Hen fell off truck on highway (probably bound for slaughter)

    Our family was driving home from Holiday world yesterday when we saw a chicken sitting on the side of the road! As we drove along looking for a place to turn around, we saw 8 more dead chickens along the road. She appears to be young and she's VERY heavy so I assume she was bound for slaughter...
  3. ethingtonart

    Hatch not going well

    I had 2 eggs hatch today (day 20) and 4 more have pipped. My incubator is currently at 100° with 79% humidity. The first two hatched around 12 hours after they pipped, but a third one who had zipped half way around her egg died. Now i am very worried for the others who pipped sometime this...
  4. ethingtonart

    Light Brahma mix Cockeral - Decided to keep

    We have a light brahma mix cockerel looking for a new home. I am not certain if he is mixed with one of our easter eggers or a sussex because he looks just like his daddy. He was hatched out by a local kindergarten class and was the only boy. He was initially raised indoors with his sisters and...
  5. ethingtonart

    Beltsville White Turkey Breeding Pair - Indianapolis, IN

    I am looking to re-home our Beltsville White turkeys. We really want them to go to a good home and want to avoid them becoming dinner if possible. They are both almost one year old, friendly, and get along well with our chickens. The jenny began laying a couple of months ago, but stopped when...
  6. ethingtonart

    4 BO pullets - Indy

    I have 4, 3 day old, BO pullets from Rural King. We only needed 2, but of course you have to buy 6, so we would like the other 4 to go to a good home. Contact me if you are interested Thanks Debbie
  7. ethingtonart

    Chicks - Barnyard Mix - Indianapolis

    I have 9 chicks for sale that were hatched right around Easter, for $1.25 each. The chicks are straight run and all have had a Marek's vaccination. Breed mixes are Easter Egger (ameraucana), Dekalb Amberlink, Black Australorp, and Speckled Sussex. Parent chickens are on site if you want to...
  8. ethingtonart

    Unabsorbed yolk sac ruptured! *update* He's fine!

    What should I do, it's yolk sac (large bean size) ruptured, there is some blood (not tons) and yolk, chick is alert though. Please help!
  9. ethingtonart

    Unabsorbed yolk sack, I think - picture

    I have never had this happen before, but this poor chick struggled for over 24 hours to hatch and when it did it still had a little something protruding from the vent area. I am keeping it in the incubator because of some posts I read on here. Is there anything else I should be doing, or does...
  10. ethingtonart

    Need some good hatching vibes!!

    I am practically wearing a groove in my floor in front of my incubator. I took eggs from a broody to incubate in my incubator. I was unaware though of how far along they were and have been candling like crazy trying to figure it out. Last night I decided to move some to the hatching...
  11. ethingtonart

    Advice please... Candling on day 18

    I am uncertain when to lockdown my eggs. I know lockdown is day 18, however I am not certain how far along my eggs are. I am attempting to make an educated guess about their ages through candling. I have been using the pictures in the sticky as a guide, but I keep second guessing myself! I...
  12. ethingtonart

    Staggered hatch Questions

    Okay, so a couple of my hens went broody and that was fine I was willing to let them sit on eggs for a little while, but when I brought the eggs inside to be put in the incubator I realized that they had let the other hens continue to lay in the nesting boxes they were sitting in. So now I have...
  13. ethingtonart

    Need advice for long term care of crippled silkie *with picture

    Last spring I hatched out a silkie (still not sure on the gender, lol) named Blueberry. Blueberry was born with a couple of problems; she had a malformed foot, which I partially corrected with a corrective shoe, and a strange tick. Whenever Blueberry gets stressed her head twitches to the...
  14. ethingtonart

    Silkie chick with curled foot

    My four day old silkie chick has one curled foot. The other foot is perfectly fine. She can stand, walk, and run but when she does so she can't get traction and her leg just kinda slides out to the side. So she spends most of her time sitting. The brooder flooring is a towel over pine...
  15. ethingtonart

    Indianapolis - We just found a OEGB rooster

    So, my husband was driving home from work yesterday and saw a rooster in the grass in front of a business near our street. We tried to catch him on three separate occasions. (Picture us with a broom and a bed sheet trying to chase a rooster out of a bush. It didn't work really good.) With the...
  16. ethingtonart

    Indiana - Bantam Blue Salmon Faverolle cockerel

    Free to a good home one bantam blue salmon faverolle cockerel. He's very sweet and very pretty, but we have too many roosters already so we would like to see him go to a new home. Please PM me if you are interested.
  17. ethingtonart

    Indianapolis Free cat

    Young black female cat free to a good home. She wandered into our crawlspace about two weeks ago and we have been unable to find her owners. She is very sweet and would make an excellent "lap kitty". She also has her claws so she would probably be a good mouser. We would love to keep her...
  18. ethingtonart

    Day 17 and I heard a peep Oh No!*updated*

    What should I do? We are supposed to go into lockdown tomorrow morning, and I was getting ready to candle tonight. Should I skip the candling and just crank up the humidity? Also I was going to put them into cartons to hatch. Is that out of the question now since they have orientated...
  19. ethingtonart

    Help, Hen with curled toes *pics*

    1) What type of bird , age and weight. Gold sex link, 11 months, approx 5# 2) What is the behavior, exactly. Curling toes on left side, walking on ankle, and walking with a limp 3) How long has the bird been exhibiting symptoms? about two days 4) Is there any bleeding...
  20. ethingtonart

    This might be a silly question, but...

    This might be a silly question, but... If you breed a banty to a standard sized chicken do you have offspring that are likely to be bantam, standard, or somewhere in between? I'm sure this is genetics 101, but I'm really curious.
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