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  1. Lensters

    Brower Brooders

    I have older Brower Brooders for $50 each. All work fine with recent attractor bulbs and wafer thermostats. Buy four or more and get the rack they are on. Buy all six and you can have them and the rack for $250. I won't ship them but might deliver in the PNW for a reasonable fee.
  2. Lensters

    VWR Scientific Incubator Model 1555

    Nice big side-by-side scientific incubator. The details of the unit can be found on VWR's website: If used for hatching eggs modifications will be needed to keep air fresh. Will not ship but may deliver within the PNW for a...
  3. Lensters

    All sorts of chicks

    Lots of chicks available, will ship to Oregon addresses only, see the website for more details... Willamette Valley Hatchery
  4. Lensters

    Hatching Eggs

    I am looking for Oregon and Washington chicken breeders to supply my little up start hatchery with hatching eggs. Email me ([email protected]) with what you would like to sell and we can figure out how we can both make a little money.
  5. Lensters

    Holy Eggs!

    Ok, I have a new one, at least for me. This morning I received some hatching eggs. This evening I was washing them in warm water and found that 2/3rds of these eggs have holes in them (yes, I wash my eggs as do all hatcheries and university labs). The holes are smaller than pin holes, small...
  6. Lensters

    A Dozen Barred Rock Hatching Eggs

    One dozen Barred Plymouth Rock or Rhode Island Red eggs (or a mix). PM me if you want something other than straight Barred Rocks. Picture is of actual flock in breeding pen. More pictures available upon request. Shipping will be Priority Mail of the eggs from that morning.
  7. Lensters

    Another test....

    Image test
  8. Lensters

    Test Chicken Trio

    <I>Come get your new chickens...</I> Test chickens, roos, chicks and eggs forsale. This is a breed I conceived specifically for this auction. They are really ugly so I have priced them appropriately. Price per bird/chick/egg is $100. They are particularly fragile so the shipping price is...
  9. Lensters

    Wanted - RIWs - Oregon

    I'm in need of some Rhode Island Whites, anyone know where to get some? I'd prefer good quality breeder stock but at this point I'd settle for hatchery chicks. Either chicks or hatching eggs are acceptable.
  10. Lensters

    Oregon - Purebred California Rabbit Pair - $50

    Buck and doe out of the Reserve Champion meat pen at the Linn Co. Fair for only $50 (the original trio sold at auction for $400 and was donated back). Pickup only. PM for more details.
  11. Lensters

    Hatching cage

    I made some hatching baskets and I looking for reviews or suggestion before I go make three more. Here it is: Do I need to add weight to the lids? I wish that I had Royce's setup:
  12. Lensters

    Any guesses on the genetic makeup of this guy?

    I got this roo recently. I'm pretty sure he is a mixed breed. I thought that I had an idea of what the cross was until I looked at some other pictures tonight. So what do you think he is? Three weeks: Six weeks: Twelve weeks: Ten months, the one in the background: One year: Current...
  13. Lensters

    For Sale-Oregon-Brown Egg Pullets-Pick up only

    I have a number of Rhode Island Red, Red Sexlink (RIRxRIW) and Black Sexlink (RIRxBarred Rock) 10-12 week old pullets for sale. I'm asking $8 each but I can discount for quantity.
  14. Lensters

    Genetics and autosexing breeds

    Hello Chicken Gurus, First, I need to learn chicken genetics. What is the best book? Second, I want to make some Barnebars, Welbars and eventually some Hambars. Since I don't know chicken genetics (but I'm learning) I was searching through the UK sites for more information and this is the...
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