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  1. FlyingLilly

    Marans Cockerel

    This is a BCM cockerel a June hatch his brother from the same hatch just took overall champion of his standard. Nice looking cockerel full sisters are producing #6-#7 eggs Bev Davis lines. Picture is of his brother, he looks very similar PM me for pictures of this cockerel, he is a June Hatch. I...
  2. FlyingLilly

    20+ Selling A Variety Of Quail Eggs

    I have seven pens of quail that include Texas A&M, Bob White, Golden, Pharaoh, Tibet.... Will also include some button quail eggs if laid! So I am sending whatever is laid for that day! WILL SEND EXTRA!! Please message me if you would like to buy some I do accept pay pal...
  3. FlyingLilly

    Wanted Showgirls

    Wanted Showgirls Hatching Eggs Please Contact Me
  4. FlyingLilly

    Schmalkalden Moorhead, Jacobin, Lavender Pomeranian Pouter

    I do not have mates for them and all of them have been shown and are AWESOME birds these are NOT culls. I am selling them individually or a group package 1) One red Jacobin male with white face he has won many classes and also won OVERALL CHAMPION this year out of 100+ birds. He is truly a...
  5. FlyingLilly

    Brown Egg Layer Chicks

    I am selling day old to 8week old brown egg layers. I am selling these are culls from my program will make great egg layers have them in Black and Blue. PICK UP ONLY asking $3 straight run. Please do not click buy now PM me. THANKS
  6. FlyingLilly

    Red Wood Incubator

    Ok, So I want to upgrade to an incubator that I can put multiple hatches in and also be more reliable than some I was getting 50% hatch rates because temp would jump after being steady for weeks and weeks... So anyways I have a chance to buy a Redwood incubator for $100 with 6trays and I guess a...
  7. FlyingLilly

    Silkie Feet

    I have Black Silkie pullets that have white on there toes. Is this a DQ in the show ring or undesirable? I was hoping to show them in 4-h also in buffs is it ok to have Blue feet? Thanks
  8. FlyingLilly

    Opinions on Australorp cockerel

    Wondering what your opinions were on this Australorp cockerel? I do not know much about the breed... What is the tail and such suppose to look like? are they suppose to have the same look as the Jersey Giant but have dark-slate gray legs? Is this a SQ cockerel?
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