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  1. Ms.Frizzle

    Ms Frizzles Member Page

    Well, here goes for starting a page, and figuring out how this thing works. I have a grand total of 9 chickens currently, and will add picks of them as I get the hang of a page. : ) My chickens are soon going to be living at a different farm, since my mom has decided to hate my boys. As...
  2. Ms.Frizzle

    Which of these breeds are most "seasonal"

    Thanks guys. I'm from Wisconsin, so we get pretty heavy/long winters. Any other opinions?
  3. Ms.Frizzle

    Which of these breeds are most "seasonal"

    Recently I bought a mixed package of chicks from McMurray as payment for some ppl who are letting my chickens live with them until that day I have a place to put them. They arrived Memorial day weekend, and I'm going to guess they'll start laying in September. The man is saying that come...
  4. Ms.Frizzle

    Earlobe question......

    EE's are mutts, therefor they can have any combo of earlobe as long as they carry the blue/green gene. Mine all have pink or a combo of pink/white.
  5. Ms.Frizzle

    Help needed, Baby Owl Found.

    I'm gonna guess that the baby died. We havn't heard otherwise....
  6. Ms.Frizzle

    1 week old baby kittens infested badly with fleas "UPDATE WITH PICS"

    Well, its good that you've still got two. I was thinking about this the other day, and reminded myself to inform you that hook worms are transferrable to people. Its carried in the fecal matter, and often picked up when people walk barefoot through infested poop. Just be careful you don't...
  7. Ms.Frizzle

    My little weird cornish

    She's just a baby! The first feathers they get in don't always reflect what they're final feathers are going to look like. SLW are a good example of that.
  8. Ms.Frizzle

    Stray Roosters

    Yeah, at night when they go to roost catch them then. When I have to catch chickens during the day, I walk them into a corner and use my dog to block an exit. With an extra large fishing net you just scoop 'em up! Or funnel them into an old room in our bard. The key is to walk slow and bring...
  9. Ms.Frizzle

    My little weird cornish

    Is this a hatchery standard chicken? Maybe posting a picture would help determine it.
  10. Ms.Frizzle

    Featherless Meaties?

    I thought the whole point of featherlessness was so that the bird would put more effort into growth rather then sparing the proteins for feather development.
  11. Ms.Frizzle

    Wisconsin "Cheeseheads"

    I was able to make contact with my buddies and they picked them up. One dead one, but otherwise the rest are doing fine. I loved the bra thread, I was reading that earlier! The names ppl are coming up with for the chick... I just love it. <3
  12. Ms.Frizzle

    Order has arrived!

    So my order of 29 chicks from McMurray has arrived today! I won't get to see them until tonight or tomorrow, but I am sooooo excited! It is their Rainbow Layer Special. My friends told me there was one dead one one turken! a bunch of yellow ones, more yellow ones but with gray spots on...
  13. Ms.Frizzle

    EGG in my BRA is CHEEPING!!!!! Pic Update post #126

    That is the best story EVER. I've never done that! How did you keep from smooshing it? With my luck, I would have forgotten was there.
  14. Ms.Frizzle

    1 week old baby kittens infested badly with fleas "UPDATE WITH PICS"

    Maybe you should take them ALL to get checked up. Like I said previously, what one cat catches the rest are sure to as well.
  15. Ms.Frizzle

    How do you all cope with the disappointment!

    I have a hen who would sat on a nest an extra week and a half while some late eggs she had stole were hatching. If its a hen you've had before and know it will stay broody, I say go ahead if she is of good weight and healthy. Maybe seclude her more so she can't kick out any eggs this time.
  16. Ms.Frizzle

    Wisconsin "Cheeseheads"

    I awaken with news that my day isn't going to plan. Long story short, I ordered chicks and they are in, but they are two hours away in a town I'm going to be living in for the next month starting tomorrow. The post office called me at 6:30am to tell me they are in, but there is nothing I can...
  17. Ms.Frizzle

    Plants that are ok to plant around the coop!

    I've had Bachelor Buttons growing with my chickens. they've never eaten it, rather scratching around it and the babies liked to sleep under/in them. I also had chives, crocus', hastas, and lilies with them, though they've left all of these alone too. They squished out/ate my lemon balm...
  18. Ms.Frizzle


    No, under them where the water pan/lip is. You don't want to get water on the eggs, it can cool them, or mess with the oxygen exchange.
  19. Ms.Frizzle


    You could put a sponge in the bottom to increase surface area. that should help raise it.
  20. Ms.Frizzle

    I think I've become a chicken....

    Its soooooo cute!!!! To the bard to hug my chickens! lol, I cluck to my chickens too.
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